Fabio Capello Warns Liverpool’s Andy Carroll Not To Eat All The Pies

Alan Duffy

6th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

With Luis Suarez, Stewart Downing and Co. setting Anfield alight, Liverpool’s £35million man Andy Carroll has found himself somewhat out of favour with King Kenny Dalglish, while for England’s recent game in Bulgaria, he wasn’t even named on the bench.

Three Lions boss Fabio Capello reckons that Carroll’s lifestyle may be part of the problem, with the Italian admitting to have having a private word in the imposing striker’s ear over his fitness regime and off-the-field shenanigans.

“He needs to be careful because he’s an important player for England and Liverpool, ” explained Capello. “If he wants to be a good player and a good sportsman, he needs to drink less than the others.”

However, another strapping badboy, John Terry, has come to Carroll’s aid.

“Andy is a really good pro on the pitch and a good guy to have around the camp, ” explained the Chelsea captain. “I’ve been there. I’ve made my mistakes as well, maybe drunk a little bit too much when I was younger and gone out a little bit too much. But I think having gone through that, when you hit 26 or 27 you think, ‘I’m glad I did that then because I don’t want to do it now’.”

So, going by JT’s logic, Carroll should fill his proverbial boots now as, in a few years, he’ll be glad he partied like a rock star when he had the chance. Not sure Dalglish or Capello would agree.

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  1. Aaron says:

    And the award for outstanding understatement of the year goes to John Terry:
    “I’ve been there. I’ve made my mistakes as well.”

  2. wolfinho says:

    right, because after you’ve hung up your boots, you won’t have plenty of time/money on your hands, and you’ll never be bored and want to go out drinking and partying. what terry means is, once you’re past your mid-twenties, hot women at bars/clubs won’t want to randomly fuck you, and you’ll have to go for teammate’s wives. terry, as per usual, cunting up the human race.

  3. tom says:

    Dad of the year strikes again

  4. Anonymous says:

    35 million pound? are you kidding dalglish idiot! pay so much and get nothing! really useless manager! i only says that this idiot caroll only worth 35 million rupiah.

  5. TMNT says:

    party on dude

  6. Nuno says:

    John Terry giving advices on good behaviour… Now I’ve seen it all.

  7. newcassel says:

    That’s Fabio’s polite way of sayin he’s shite. Fat Ashley proves he’s the man with an eye for a quick profit after all. Taking 35 million from the Scousers for Big Andy is proving to be good biz.

  8. pete says:

    what did John Terry do wrong again? Oh yeah, he fucked a single woman didn’t he. The horror!

  9. cooper17 says:

    Capello must be the worst Manager England have ever had. I actually think that if I was to get publicity at a top club player then Capello would pick me. He wants to give them a kick up the arse and tell them to play with determination. Hardly any of his England squad sing our anthem, particularly Rooney but I would expect that from him. Rooney comes across to be as being thick and a tearaway who doesnt care for anybody, even his wife. Somebody needs to give him a good hiding and bring him back down to earth.

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