Once Vilified But Now Worshipped, Liverpool’s Lucas Is Out For Season

Alan Duffy

1st, December 2011


By Alan Duffy

Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva is yet another example of a talented player who was unfairly criticised by the kind of dim football fan who has no mind of his or her own. England fans’ treatment of Owen Hargreaves followed a similar path to that of Lucas, but sadly it now seems that the Brazilian has something else in common with the injury-plagued Manchester City man.

The former Gremio star was stretchered off in Tuesday’s Carling Cup win over Chelsea and it has now been revealed that the 24-year-old will miss the rest of the season after damaging his knee ligaments. This is a major blow for Kenny Dalglish’s hopes of securing a top four berth this season, as Lucas has been central to Liverpool’s good work so far.

Lucas Tweeted his followers after learning his fate: “I am really sad with the news because I was enjoying a lot on the pitch. I am sure I will come back stronger I will achieve everything that I dream with the LFC shirt.”

“I am sure I’ll NEVER WALK ALONE”, he added.

With youngster Jay Spearing the only other truly defensive midfielder in the squad, Dalglish may well be forced to dip into the transfer market again come January.

If he does buy, who would you suggest Kenny goes for to plug the Lucas-shaped gap in his side?

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  1. jonny says:

    I don’t really know who turn on their players more, Liverpool or United fans.

  2. Papi says:

    He’ll probably just put his faith in Spearing.

  3. gaptooth says:

    gutting news ,but could be the making of spearing / henderson and shelvey

  4. Rob says:

    A real shame for him, he’s improved greatly; I think his main problem a few seasons ago was that he was playing every game when he wasn’t ready, he was jut too young. Not his fault, he wasn’t at the right level. Now he is.
    Hopefully now, the FA and the League will think a little bit about putting fixtures so close together, players shouldn’t be expected to play two big games in two days without injuries.

  5. HJ says:

    Hendo should step up to the plate as he supposedly prefers playing in the middle, although I wouldn’t complain one bit if Kenny put a cheeky bid in for Xabi Alonso…

  6. Jon says:

    Probably end up paying £20mil for Tioté or someone like that.

  7. Mark Stevens says:

    I know about a certain Italian still close to the Liverpool books….

  8. MaxMad says:

    He should go buy Felipe Melo, he’ll drop the same sum of cash on some overpriced mediocre player anyway.

  9. cajark says:

    Jonjo has been recalled from Blackpool

  10. America says:

    Is it worth shelling out a lot of money for another quality def. mid when Lucas is quality and will be back next season? One of the youngsters should step up, or Kenny should go find a decent replacement for the rest of the season. If he goes the expensive route, which we saw last summer is the way he prefers, he may 1) get a (another) flop, or 2) may find someone who will take Lucas spot permanently which would be a shame

  11. Bob Loblaw says:

    In fairness I think everyone was giving him a hard time not just pool fans. He’s changed position since joining. He looked a bit shit 2 years ago but over the last 18 months he’s one of the most improved players in the league. And I know a fair amount of liverpool fans who defended him even when he looked waaaaaay out of his depth. I’m sure spurs fans called bale shit at some stage. Every fans critises their players if they play poorly and love it when they prove them wrong. To call them dim is a bit dim on your part.

  12. Mayo says:

    It’s an absolute shame Lucas is gone. Sucks too that Aquaman has been loaned again, we wouldn’t be in this predicament had we let him stay with the team

  13. jamjam says:

    yes! Enter Ricardo Montolivo.. has Gatuso rabies and shoots like R.Carlos pepsi add! get well lucas , were selling u to black burn next season …

  14. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:


  15. dan says:

    playing your new young defender all over the place seems to be the in thing at the moment, Coates to the rescue.

  16. kishalay says:

    i think we should go with agger to replace lucas……..hez a good tackler & more importantly has a great ball playing skill…..carra is fit……so he can take the spot of agger in the defence….!!!!….we dont need to buy another player……

  17. Mark says:

    He should sign DIARA from Madrid

  18. Mr. T says:

    @kishalay – In another time and place perhaps, but right now we need Agger in defence as he is our best central defender.

    I think Spearing and Hendo will play in Lucas role. No problems with spearing, I’m sure he’ll slot in and do the needful. I feel it’ll be a problem if Hendo is paired with Adams, for the simple reason that the Adams-Lucas midfield pairing allowed Adams to focus on attack while Lucas anchors the midfield. I dont think Henderson should be asked to play that role, as he is more of an attacking player, and does not seem to have the physicality and work rate to anchor the midfield and dominate opposition midfielders. I think Kenny will rely on Spearing and wait for Gerrard to come back. Dont really anticipate a defensive midfielder being bought in January.

    Just my opinion.

  19. nick says:

    let’s be honest as a liverpool fan he’s honestly nothing but a great tackler, better off with someone with more overall game anyway, shame for him but enter spearing or shelvey !

  20. Anonymous says:

    @ nick spearing is nothing but a tackler. Thats all he does. shelvey is a bit rubbish too. henderson to step in. he may not be defensive enough but himself and adam might do the job between them.

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