Shit Lookalikes: Carlton Cole and DB Woodside

Ollie Irish

16th, November 2009



Thanks to Tim Chapman for today’s Shit Lookalike. Better than shit, I’m sure you’ll agree. (You might recognise DB Woodside from 24, in which he played Wayne Palmer, younger brother of President David Palmer; Wayne also went on to be the Prez)

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  1. Jesus says:

    Holy Shit! These two would easily pass off as twins…

  2. Tim Chapman says:

    Yeah, I know it isn’t the true definition of “Shit Lookalike”, but I was watching the West Ham v Sunderland match, which happened to be the same day I received the season of 24 where Woodside becomes President via Netflix, so I just had to. Cheers Ollie, hope everyone enjoys it :D

  3. Christy Hammerl says:

    All hail Tim Chapman!

  4. Jo says:

    DB Woodside would score more goals for West Ham

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