Shit Lookalikes: Jesus Navas & Dean Gaffney

Chris Wright

22nd, August 2013


By Chris Wright


Navas is Man City’s dreamy-eyed new winger

Gaffney used to bother Alsatians on the set of Eastenders

Top work from Pies fan Mike O’B and his co-conspirator Mellow Pimp. If we could give you both a gold star sticker then believe us, we totally would!

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  1. Adam says:

    So you put two good looking people next to each other and call it “shit” look-a-likes. Perhaps you thought the irony was funny?

  2. Anabelle says:

    I wasn’t going to say a word, but can’t help myself.

    Jesus Navas is one of the most beautiful people in the world. There I said it.

    If anyone, says otherwise they’re jealous.

  3. Jingoism says:

    He looks like a wolf. A wolf on the prowl.

  4. jaegermeister says:

    Spandau Ballet shitsoundalikes x

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