Shit Lookalike: Bearded Joe Allen & Hank Scorpio (Of ‘The Simpsons’ Fame)

Chris Wright

24th, September 2015

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As you may or may not have noticed, monotone Liverpool midfielder Joe Allen is sporting a brave new look this season.

In fact, the Welshman’s ginger face shrubbery gives him the look of Hank Scorpio – Homer Simpson’s demented boss in the episode “You Only Move Twice”…


World class spot from Pies fan Tim Somers. Cheers chap!

Now what kind of football blog would we be if we didn’t sign off with Scorpio’s very own theme song…

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1 Comment

  1. Pete says:

    look at Louis Van Gaal and Vince Vaughn. Pretty spot on. I don’t have twitter otherwise I’d tweet ya

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