Shit Lookalikes: Jason Puncheon And Friends & ‘The Entombment Of Christ’ By Raphael…

Chris Wright

10th, April 2016


In what might just be the most high-brow Shit Lookalike we’ve ever featured on Pies, a tip of the hat is definitely due to Crystal Palace fans Duleep Allirajah and Ed Barrett who jointly noted that the giddy aftermath of Jason Puncheon’s winning goal against Swansea bore a distinct resemblance to a work by an Italian Renaissance master.

Specifically, we’re talking about Raphael and his oil depiction of The Entombment of Christ, dating from 1507…



Ed also revealed that he was toying with the idea of submitting ‘The Death of Lord Nelson’ by Benjamin West as a possible doppelgänger for the Puncheon cluster, but eventually plumped for Raphael’s painting due to the harmonic ambience of the colour palette and the sensitivity of the brush work…


We think he made the right choice.

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  1. Jarren says:

    Uncanny! My only gripe is that there isn’t any hot cheerleaders in that dude from the TMNT’s original painting.

    Palace have that shit sorted. Raphael needs to get his shit together.

  2. Hootie says:

    Don’t ever change, Pies. Never ever.

  3. PetrovskyKSC says:

    I occasionally wonder how things come to peoples’ minds. To interrelate those two pictures is perfection. Best article in quite a while!

  4. Jake says:

    You have peaked in the most perfect way, this may never be topped. A glorious thank you pies.

  5. Killer and Flash says:

    Ha ha, that’s a classic!

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