St Pauli Boss Unable To Attend Player Unveiling So Club Just Use Some Bloke In A Mask Instead (Photo)

Chris Wright

16th, June 2016


Being as they are the 2. Bundesliga’s premier left-wing, neo-punk, anti-fascist socialist football club, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that St Pauli tried something a little unorthodox with a recent player unveiling.

After it emerged that coach Ewald Lienen was otherwise engaged and wouldn’t be able to welcome new signing Marvin Ducksch to the club in person, St Pauli instead had some bloke don a mask of Lienen and pose for a photo instead.

As you can see, Ducksch very much has the look of a man who doesn’t quite understand what he’s managed to get himself into.

Anyway, while a light smattering of St Pauli fans were fooled by the ruse, it didn’t last long – not that anybody was put out by the attempted dupe.

In fact, it wasn’t long until supporters were Tweeting the club to ask where they could get their hands on a Lienen mask, to which the official response was “one-off”…

Shame. It seems like they could’ve made themselves a few quid there.