Jamie Carragher Pounces On Gary Neville’s Motorbike Selfie With Top Drawer Office-Themed Lookalike (Photo)

Chris Wright

17th, September 2016



Proving once again that they are Sky Sports’ answer to Trev and Simon, the banter-slinging comedy duo of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have been at it again.

It all began when Neville, shortly after finishing his shift for Sky at the Chelsea-Liverpool match last night, posted a photograph on Instagram of himself being ferried back home on the back of a motorbike…


A photo posted by Gary Neville (@gneville2) on

At which point Carragher pounced, but only after dredging up an impressive lookalike from the comedy reference bin.

Indeed, the sight of Neville’s face squished into a skid lid reminded his Sky colleague of a certain scene from The Office – specifically when a petrified Gareth is being carted off into the night by his new biker friend after a night out at Slough’s premiere clubland venue, ‘Chasers’…

I think @gneville2 has just left chasers! #garethkeenan

A photo posted by Jamie Carragher (@23_carra) on

Consider our caps humbly doffed. That’s one hell of a spot from the boy Carragher.

Here’s the clip for comparison’s sake…