Uncanny: Lionel Messi Doppelganger Becomes Something Of A Minor Celebrity In Iran (Photos)

Chris Wright

28th, April 2017


The man you see afore ye is Riza Perestes, an Iranian gentleman who just so happens to share 99.99999999% of his DNA with a rather famous footballer by the name of Lionel Messi.

Riza has apparently become something of a minor phenomenon in his hometown, and now spends his days pottering around in an Argentina shirt whilst trying to make as many people do double-takes as possible.

Indeed, thanks to a swell in interest, the Mehr News Agency recently met up with Riza and basically just took lots and lots of photos of him…

iran-messi4 iran-messi2 iran-messi iran-messi1

Thanks Riza, but we’re sticking with a proper homegrown talent…


(Photos: Mehr News Agency)