Uzbekistan and their serial killer keepers


13th, July 2007


Spare a thought for Uzbekistan coach Rustam Akramov. His nation are not exactly one of football’s major powers, but nonetheless they are currently battling it out for the Asian Cup. The question is: who do you play in goal when all your keepers look like crazed serial killers?
Meet (left to right) Pavel Bugalo, Ignatiy Nesterov and Gayrat Hasanov (we would like to stop at this stage to point out that Gayrat is the best name ever. Ever!) These are the official team photos for the Asian Cup, and not mugshots released by the Uzbeki police. Talk about a selection headache – which ever one you picked you would be convinced the other two were after you with a hatchet. I would be tempted to accommodate all three goalies in my starting line-up!

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  1. jamilinho says:

    ahahaha “gayrat”

  2. Harvard says:

    Especially Gayrat looks like the murdering kind.