Shit Lookalikes: Sergio Ramos and a proboscis monkey


3rd, October 2007


Another belter from Chringle, who should really get his own Shit Lookalikes Corner. This has to be one of the best lookalikes we’ve ever published, no?

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  1. Rob P says:

    A classic! Chringle, do you wake up in a cold sweat having dreamt these up or what?!!

  2. Chringle says:

    It’s like when McCartney wrote ‘Yesterday’, I wake up drenched in sweat humming ‘fried eggs’ over and over.

  3. OmegaSupreme says:


  4. mrsramos says:

    omg that’s soo unfair on him! he looks nothing like the monkey and the nose is completely out of order! but yeah a great laugh

  5. Anonymous says:

    ROFL! Amazing!