Shit Lookalikes: Ryan from The Office (US version) and Juninho Pernambucano


11th, October 2007


Thanks to Ben Chinn for this one. I can kind of see the resemblence… if I squint… and turn the lights off. No, seriously, it works for me – it is indeed a shit lookalike.

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  1. Kipp says:

    Indeed a shit lookalike, but try “the professor bourne identity” into google images and then “lawrie sanchez glasses”!

  2. iladelf says:

    Still the greatest name in all of sports:
    Junino Pernambucano
    To me, the best part of Winning Eleven 9 was the announcer saying his complete name. Myself being a naive soccer follower in the States, I had never heard of him, and had to look his name up online to find out exactly what the he!! the announcer was saying.
    BTW, on FIFA 07, Clyde Tyldesley takes the easy way out, saying only the first name. What a wanker.

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