Shit Lookalikes: the German football team and England’s rugby union team


18th, October 2007


Both are ugly winning machines, unloved by the rest of the world. The English football team and the German rugby team are also very similar, ie. both are shit.

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  1. Kipp says:

    Ollie, mind when you said before the tournament kicked off that England were a one trick pony, like that guy who uses the same move over and over to win in a game.
    Well, spot on again, you should post these posts to newspapers get that ‘freelance’ off your title

  2. I used to work full-time for a broadsheet newspaper and have no great urge to go back into ‘proper’ journalism!

  3. Clayton says:

    Another top post Ollie but you are not fooling anyone, The Beano is not a Broadsheet.

  4. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    The Beano is a tabloid, it’s true – I wrote for Whizzer and Chips


    So, this is how you show support in England! You boo one of your best players and you turn your back on your team when they suffer a defeat.
    Well, I’m shocked! I’m a very big England fan but I’m from Greece and I probably don’t get it. We’re defending European Champions, as you know, but I really hope and pray England make it through the qualifiers and to the final itself.
    The exessive critisism when they suffer defeats and the lack of praise when they do well – plus a moron as boss- is killing your players. How often do you think talent like this comes along?
    Instead of hitting them while they’re down, try supporting them. You might be amazed at the result.

  6. Jörg says:

    Who cares about what you think. Germany rules. No matter what!!!

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