Shit Lookalikes: Karim Benzema and Pitbull (Cuban rapper)

Ollie Irish

18th, August 2009


Thanks to Adam Wyszynski for the suggestion.
Got a lookalike you want to see on Pies? Email me with your shout(s).

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  1. megaman789 says:

    which one is Benzema?? lol joking.
    A really good lookalike!!!

  2. jjj says:

    Haha Benzema is wearing LV :P

  3. Melissa says:

    So not even close!!! Sorry but no resemblance to pit bull. I got a pic of my friend who looks like Pit. How do i post it???

  4. Pinky305Benzema says:

    *coff,coff* they don’t match…but its like every single guy whit no hair looks like the other…D: in my school I put a benz pic and they say ‘aint that that rapper bulldog?’ So wtf..the same happed whit a pit pic… Is so shitty..XD (

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