Shit Lookalikes: Michael Kightly and Craig Coates, ex-Big Brother loser

Ollie Irish

9th, October 2009

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Remember Craig Coates? He was a very troubled young man who developed an unhealthy crush on simple Geordie lad Anthony, the eventual winner of some long-forgotten series of Big Brother (and himself a pretty good Shit Lookalike for Spanish striker David Villa).

Well, the thing about Craig – as you can see here – is his uncanny resemblence to Wolves winger Michael Kightly. Sorry Michael, I don’t make the rules. You look like Craig and that’s that.

Got a Shit Lookalike for Pies? Then please do email me ( with your shout(s).

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1 Comment

  1. alex d says:

    wow, this is the first one where i was truly considering whether or not its a different person. well done

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