Mario Balotelli Takes Canadian Rap’s Foremost Leon Best Impersonator Out For Curry

Chris Wright

4th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

BIG NEWS. Mario Balotelli took Canada’s answer to Vanilla Ice and rap’s première Leon Best impersonator, Drake (government name: Aubrey Drake Graham), out for a curry following Man City’s 3-3 draw with Sunderland at the weekend – what’s more, they were photographed doing so the dirty devils.

Upon learning that Aubrey was playing the MEN Arena the following day, Balotelli apparently contacted the rapper’s management and invited him out for an authentic taste of Manchester (kebabs and lobster) at the Zouk Tea Bar & Grill in the city centre.

Yep, big Man City fan is our Drake…

You (and Roberto Mancini for that matter) will be glad to learn that Balotelli didn’t attend Drake’s aftershow party, though Shaun Wright-Phillips did.


UPDATE: Reports are now emerging that Balotelli may be in line for a police interview over allegations he soaked two girls with a fire extinguisher at the Drake gig after they asked for a photo with him.

According to The Sun, the girls (age 16 and 17) reported the incident to police after the show. The police have confirmed that they will contact Balotelli ‘if there is evidence he was involved.’

One of the girls told the paper: “It was really embarrassing. We were left dripping wet. Balotelli and his mates were laughing at us.”

Which, if you’ll pardon our French, sounds like weapons grade bullshit to us.


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  1. gamblino says:

    Rio is as special as they come.

  2. macd says:

    Balotelli has got one ugly heed on him

  3. Murray says:

    Wasn’t “Canada’s answer to Vanilla Ice” this guy?

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    No one refers to him by his proper name. It’s just Drake…

    Rio Ferdinand looks as retarded as ever.

  5. Steve says:

    Our “answer to Vanilla Ice”? What? Explain that.

    Also, you think it’s bullshit that Balo may have sprayed some girls with water or a fire extinguisher? Clearly this dude is guilty until proven innocent.

    Off day for you, or what?

  6. nigel says:


    because he is a white rapper?

  7. Harry Catknapp says:

    Been wondering what Craiiiiig Daaaavid was up to these days,i for one wouldn`t sit next to Mario with a knife to hand!,also,how big does Mario`s hand look to the rest of his arm!. In the pic with Rio did the photographer ask “so which of you two looks the biggest tit?” haha

  8. derek says:

    Fire extinguishers are full of powder anyways, they couldn’t be dripping wet.

  9. sloth says:

    As a Canadian, I’m embarrassed by Drake’s existence, and saddened by Mario’s association with him.

    As a person who was evicted from university residence for “tampering” with a few fire extinguishers, that sounds like some horseshit to me.

  10. Vincent Cole says:

    Go Oilers

  11. Frances says:

    One minute the papers/tabloids are praising this fella, the next dragging him through the muck. I’m an Arsenal man and I do like Super Mario and think he has brilliant character for the EPL. A lot of what he does off the pitch is self inflicted, but why doesn’t he get credit for going into public places having a laugh with punters or covering bar tabs?
    It seems to me when he has a blip, people either want to cash in on him or make him look more stupid than he is! The boy is 21 yrs, rich and living his life(wild&free). If I had his wealth at his age…I would be doing the same!

  12. tony montana 2013 says:

    why are you talking about drake like he is scum like liam/noel gallagher.drake has talent and his music is dope unlike the gallaghers

  13. wolfinho says:

    some fire extinguishers use water actually, but regardless, balotelli adds another notch to his awesome post.

    also, what’s with people pointing at each other? are they telling the people who look at the photo that they have to fart really badly? rio’s face says “yes”.

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