Snapshot: Mario Balotelli Winds Down In St. Tropez After Grueling Season

By Chris Wright

After a long, grueling season spent largely serving suspensions and a hectic summer largely spent chasing Spanish shadows at the Euros, here we see Mario Balotelli enjoying his well-earned day of leisure, winding down in St. Tropez – just him, a blonde masseuse, a family-sized bottle of Appletiser (the bubbles tickle his nose!), a hookah pipe and the guy from ‘My Name Is Earl’…

Pre-season training looks like a blast in Marioland.

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  1. One England Captain says:

    If you’re a professional footballer and you don’t live like Mario, STOP, you are doing it wrong!

  2. XYZ says:

    He wiped all those tears very quickly

  3. gamblino says:


  4. lordrt says:

    A legend in the making it seems… lol and to say he nearly punched someone when Italy lost the final

  5. adwew says:

    if it would be only this (drinking and smooking)he would be a legend but with all the bs he makes during the season he is just a spoiled kid that’s all

  6. Ike says:

    Mario Balotelli is sooooo pathetic! He’s got to grow up!!

  7. Joseph says:

    If this is the stuff that’s caught on camera, just imagine what he’s doing when there’s no one around to video it.

  8. COB_USA says:

    And this is a photo of him after losing the Euro’s. Imagine if Italy had won.

  9. Wynton says:

    @ Ike: Don’t be such a player hater. If you were in his position you’d do the exact same thing.

  10. Terry Shedingham says:

    Nothing like a nice bottle of lime cordial after a job well done

  11. SwissMafia says:

    Didn’t think drinking and smoking made you a legend since I was back in high school.. Great to see that that is what fans want to see from their players rather then hard work, professionalism, and being a role mode for younger generations.

  12. Dom says:

    People saying he is a ‘spoiled kid’ obviously don’t know a lot about his childhood. His parents gave him away as they were too poor to raise him, and what he has achieved is well deserved.

  13. sartre says:

    If I was Mario, I’d probably do the same thing. He’s been earning the big bucks since he was 16, obviously he doesn’t know how to handle his cash yet, let alone being a dedicated professional. If that’s how you wanna roll, let him be, just don’t regret it later

  14. michael says:

    Although I symphasize marios amazing and arguably the best season he’s ever played, he has to recognize his fame and realize that young players look up to him and even worship him as a soccer player. Why not portray a better public image?

  15. asfd says:

    He’s only like 19 isnt he? Of course hes not gonna be a perfect professional athlete role model. Hes not even an adult. This happens year after year with young athletes making the big bucks in every sport, they are immature. They will grow from their immaturity. Move on and stop hating him for being a kid

  16. desta says:

    Mario is someone having muddle up of behaviors of different persons.absence of this kind of extraordinary soccer players will make football dull.

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