Drake Raps About Mario Balotelli In New Aaliyah Song ‘Enough Said’ (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

For those with a keen eye for detail, you’ll no doubt notice that R&B chantuese Aaliyah died some 11 years ago, though – in the grandest pop tradition – that hasn’t stopped record execs raking over her half-finished demos, tacking on some featured artists and flashy production to fill in the holes and releasing these patchwork nothings as ‘new material’.

One such track is ‘Enough Said’ featuring Drake, which has been leaking on various US radio stations over the past few weeks and is memorable for but one thing – Mario Balotelli gets mentioned a couple of times, a name-check which surely left the majority of the American audience asking ‘what the ruddy hell is a Mario Balotelli?’.

Anyway, Drake reminisces about the ‘ships passing in the night’ bromance he shared with Balotelli in Manchester back in April, when the two went for a curry before spending the night soaking 17-year old girls with a fire extinguisher.

Here’s the song in full, skip to 1:39 for the Balotelli verse…

The lyrics are as follows:

“Went from my n*gga serving it by the tele,
To venues in Manchester, just swerving with Balotelli.
The fuck are you trying to tell me?

“Bothers me when you got to play therapist, that shit’s embarrassin’
They even bring up these n*ggas make a comparison.”


Via Dirty Tackle.