Which Man City Player Winds You Up The Most?

Ollie Irish

20th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

So far this season, Pies has asked you Which Chelsea player winds you up the most? You voted for Didier Drogba. Then we asked you the same question of Man Utd. You voted for Comrade Gary Neville – excellent choice, sir/madam. Then came Arsenal. You went for charming Emmanuel Eboue. Next up, Liverpool – you voted for Steven Gerrard, by a wide margin.

Today is the turn of those nouveau riche mercenaries at Manchester City. I jest of course – all football players are mercs these days.


“This is the easiest £100,000 I ever made”

“True that Ade, true that. Now pass me a Jaffa Cake.”

Plenty of money-grabbing dicks lovable scamps in Citeh’s ranks. But who winds you up the most? Vote now: