Man City Stars Play Giant Game Of Keepy-Uppy Around New York To Promote Their NYCFC Venture (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

In which Man City stars Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, Joe Hart, David Silva, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, James Milner, Matija Nastasic and Paddy Vieira cheerfully nick a small child’s football and then proceed to play a gigantic game of keepy-uppies around various bits of New York in a promo viral for the club’s imminent New York City FC tie-in MLS venture thing…

We can only presume that City bought in the same CGI team that grafted six extra arms onto Hart for his classic ‘Big Cola’ advert to do the scene where he actually keeps his hands on Milner’s shot.

That’s right, people…it’s another of our classic JOE HART BURNS!*

(*pun shamefully intended)

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  1. Ron says:

    As an American and someone who grew up playing futbol, and still plays, the MLS is such a fucking joke. A bunch of corporate tycoons selling a shitty product to people who don’t even give a fuck about the sport. It’s disgusting.

    It’s just very, very strange for me. I used to get mocked and teased for playing soccer, not “manly” enough by American standards. Now all these fat fucks are walking around in Man U and City jerseys. I find it depressing when people who have no connection to the sport are duped into being some faux serious fan of a shitty club with terrible players.

  2. the Cynical Goose says:

    Those kids are assholes for playing on the sidewalk. The sidewalk is for walking, not playing keep-ups. Not to mention, they’re dumb as fuck, considering how close they are to the water, say goodbye to your ball as it gets accidentally kicked into the Hudson River.

  3. the Cynical Goose says:

    Why would you play on the sidewalk, why the fuck would you play this close to the water?

  4. with the left and the right says:

    @Ron. I think youre struggling with the age old hipster conundrum. You liked “futbol” before it was cool in America, now this corporate hacks want to peddle some shit called soccer down our collective throats. Hilarious.

  5. Cal says:

    @Ron, not that I support the MLS or claim it’s even a half-decent league, but you can’t seriously tell me that the people don’t care? The Sounders have sold out season tickets since they were founded, I believe? Did you not watch any Portland-Seattle match this year? Seattle had 67,000 at one match this season. Again, not advocating the MLS but I think you’re 100% wrong in that area.

    However, those fans do try a bit too hard to be like any European league fan base.

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