James Milner On Mission To Track Down Creators Of ‘Boring Milner’ Parody Twitter Account – Man City Masseurs Are Prime Suspects

Chris Wright

3rd, June 2014

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By Chris Wright

Soccer - World Cup 2014 - Miami Training Camp - England v Equador - England Press Conference - Four Seasons Hotel

Though he admits it’s “good fun”, James Milner is currently on a mission to track down and eradicate the mischievous creators behind the @BoringMilner parody Twitter account.

The Boring Milner (which does exactly what is says on the tin) account currently has 249,000 followers, whereas Milner’s account for his eponymous charity foundation has a mere 15,000.

Speaking at a pre-World Cup England press conference, Milner told the Telegraph he is on the hunt for whoever is responsible:

“It’s not doing badly, whoever it is. My foundation has 15,000 for the charity. It’s good fun. I’ve read a few of them and some of them are very funny.

My mates don’t mention it, no. I’d like the James Milner Foundation to have as many followers as that!”

Milner was then asked who he suspected was running the Boring Milner account, to which he replied:

“We went through this at [Man City], wondering who it was. There were a few tweets about Asda, so I was asking the masseurs where they shopped.

“I don’t shop in Asda. I don’t think it’s at the club, no. Who knows? It’s good fun.

“I’ve never got close enough to actually accuse anyone of running it. I thought I had [with the masseurs], but I realised they didn’t have enough banter!”

There’s only one man at Man City with the requisite skills to be capable of pulling off this level of bant…

James. Milner. That’s right people, it’s an inside job. WE’RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.

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  1. AntiWanKenobi says:

    Based on the quotes up there, I think it’s genuine, and I think it’s him.

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