Football GIF: Seydou Doumbia Dives To Win CSKA Late Equalising Penalty vs Man City

Chris Wright

21st, October 2014


By Chris Wright

Russia Soccer Champions League

We’ll have a full report up later, but the long and short of it is that Manchester City were cheated out of their first win of the Champions League campaign after conceding a late penalty against CSKA Moscow this evening.

After going in two goals up at half-time in an empty stadium in Khimki, City – while hardly at their best, it must be said – had still managed to maintain a 2-1 lead as the game moved into the 86th minute.

It was at that point that CSKA striker Seydou Doumbia did the dirty on Aleksandar Kolarov and conned his side a late penalty with the kind of devious, cynical, scarcely-believable dive we’ve come to expect from the Champions League…

What referee Istvan Vad has seen there we’ll probably never know or be able to comprehend. Disgraceful.

Of course, CSKA’s Bedras Natcho converted the ill-gotten spot-kick to level things up at the death.


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  1. Perdy says:

    As a defender this REALLY frustrates me, The forward isn’t trying to control the ball/shoot/protect the ball. He is actively searching for contact in order to dive. The defender barely even makes a challenge. You get it more and more even in lower league, where players plan A is to get a free kick, even James Milner did it in the first half, he was being tightly marked by two CSKA players and he simply stopped, waited for them to touch (and I mean touch) him, then fall over. By giving the decision the referee is vindicating the cowardly, boring, skilless and spineless approach. Its cheating. And a whole generation is adopting it under the guise of tactics.

  2. Jarren says:

    I think it’s safe to consign the old saying “cheaters never win” to the history books (wherever they reside).

    Not that it was ever really true anyway.

    Cheaters have always prospered.

    …and that’s today’s Depressing Truth lesson finished.

  3. Maria says:

    When there is so much (money) at stake, why oh why can’t they implement retrospective punishment for players who dive so blatantly? Ban the player and fine the club and they’ll soon clamp down on diving.

  4. Perdy says:

    @Jarren Agreed! @Maria Agreed!

  5. JLBK says:


    City are a MASSIVE club, btw :)

  6. Nick says:

    Perdy, as a defender would you not agree that Kolarov gets caught on the wrong side of Doumbia making it easier for him to con the ref?

  7. Chris says:

    its not as if it was a goal scoring chance nor was there any malice. This whole contact thing is pathetic.

    ‘but there was contact’ – there is fucking contact everywhere on the fucking pitch

  8. @Nick says:

    Yes I agree with that. Its just the fact that having got the wrong side of his man(from the attackers point of view) his first thought is to do just that (con the ref) rather than use any skill/thought/ambition to score. I find this to be a worrying trend nowadays.

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