Man City Have Had The Etihad Pitch Covered In Liquid Garlic

Chris Wright

17th, September 2016

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If you’ve been in the vicinity of the Etihad Stadium recently, there’s a good chance you may have noticed a particularly pungent aroma enveloping the place.

This is because Man City have been covering their pitch in liquid garlic of late in an attempt to keep the grass in pristine condition.

According to the Manchester Evening News, City’s head groundsman Lee Jackson has been spraying the turf with garlic solution to keep parasites away.

Parasites can infect the grass and damage the roots – but Jackson’s methods have proven successful at keeping the turf in quality condition.

City apparently use a cutting edge hybrid pitch system called a Desso GrassMaster, which has 20million artificial grass fibres injected into the turf to bolster its lushness.

It also means that the pitch doesn’t need as much fresh air and sunlight as regular grass to maintain its quality.

And if you’re not impressed by that, then we really can’t help you.

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1 Comment

  1. Maggle says:

    Shame it doesn’t drain very well

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