Man City: Riyad Mahrez ‘Grand Unveiling’ Ceremony Almost Unbearably Embarrassing For All Involved (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, July 2018

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Man City bolstered their League Cup side earlier this week by fluffing £60million on Riyad Mahrez.

With the entire budget blown on procuring the Algerian playmaker from Leicester City, it would appear that his ‘grand’ unveiling at the Etihad was paid for with a quick whip-around the club canteen…

£50 worth of supermarket sparklers and Moonherp and Moonderp dancing gingerly to an Oasis track in front of about 50 fans.

Talk about starting how you mean to go on.

If Mahrez’s transfer didn’t feel like a bit of a sideshow before, it most certainly does now.

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1 Comment

  1. Guemar says:

    Go fuck yourself you fucking jealous bitch.. this not called fluffing.. this is called wisely spending and I’ ll remind you that he’ll be the best premier league player with Pep you F melon

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