Messi the Messiah is on his way to Man City – Liam Gallagher

Ollie Irish

26th, August 2020

“C’mon you know” 

Liam is as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve, and he’s not the only one. All of football is glued to this one.

Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi. You cannot move for the lad. I mean, Jamie Vardy signed a new three-year Leicester contract this week, and no one noticed. The England captain was hit with a suspended jail sentence, you say? Buried inside the back pages. Andy Carroll scored a good goal against some bad defenders. Not interested mate. It’s Messi’s world now.

If you’re not sick of this mega-saga already, give it a day or two. Or come back to me in a month, when it’s being dragged through the courts. Popcorn is lovely (a sweet & salted mix, of course) but not for 30 days straight.

Whatever happens, this is the end of Barca as we know it…

Bartomeu is shameless, eh. He’s also fucked.

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