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9th, August 2007

mancitybadge.gifWith the news that our bosses have set up a special Man United Pies blog, it’s worth remembering that most Mancunians count themselves as City fans, and that, most United fans don’t have a postcode that starts with an ‘M’. Often derided as bitter blues, City fans have lived in the shadow of their more successful neighbours, so, with that, it seems apt to catch up with Man City blog, BitterandBlue.
Who the hell are you?

Danny Pugsley. Bitter and Blue.

How do you think you’ll do next season?
Better than last year! Outside of the top few sides, the Premiership is not overly strong in depth and we have added well to look better (on paper at least) going into the season. Largely though, this will be a season of transition but we will comfortably be top half, perhaps challenging for a UEFA place if we hit the ground running. Finishing position 9th.

How’s yer summer been?
Hectic! Trying to keep up blogging about all of this has kept me busy for sure since Eriksson arrived. I think he has bought well and in the right positions. The majority of players are young and come with the upside of having plenty of potential. From reports, the Brazillian Elano looks to be most exciting and he should provide the creative spark lacking from last season.

Who do you think will make the biggest mark in the squad?

As above, Elano will be an important player. Petrov out wide could be a solid addition in a crucial area that we have tried (unsuccesfully) to fill the past few seasons. In attack, new recruits Bianchi and Bojinov maybe raw but could provide plenty of goals. As for the holdovers, Richards, Johnson and Onouha should all benefit from their experience last season and the new guys coming in.
Who needs to get their finger out next season?
Giorgios Samaras – if he stays around long enough. Came with a big transfer tag but has of yet to deliver.Perhaps Eriksson can bring out of him what Pearce could not.
Who is coming good next season?
Richards will be on everyone’s radar, but midfielder Michael Johnson will benefit from his spell in the side at the end of last season and will make a big impression.
Who will we find in the top 4 at the close of the season?
United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal
And sent packing to the Championship?
Wigan, Birmingham and Derby

Finally, make a random prediction about next season.

The media will end up hailing Sven-Goran Eriksson.

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