Are Manchester City Serious Title Contenders?

Ollie Irish

24th, August 2010


Man City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak (left) and owner Sheikh Mansour watch their team beat Liverpool

MAN City were very impressive in beating Liverpool 3-0 at Eastlands last night. I take them very seriously as title contenders, and did so even before a ball was kicked this season, but do you? Vote below:

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  1. spectator says:

    city were good but liverpool were also having a bad day, including the whole mascherano ‘my wife thinks it rains too much in lancashire’ or whatever thing.

  2. PhilandoTorres says:

    Horrible result last night. One of those games that makes you want to fall in a hole. Preferrably one of Beyonce’s.

    Too early to judge either team though really. Once Roy and Mancini have had a few more months with the players they should be clicking like Flipper on E.

    I reckon Citeh will only go so far before smashing into the Chelsea brick wall.

  3. jak says:

    Last year we beat Chelski home and away. If they loose a couple of key players to injury they are vunerable. We have the depth to go all the way. The bin dippers are shite and will stay poor all season again, Roy is no messiah.

  4. Jimbo says:

    No they aren’t.

  5. Ryan Kam says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I can admit they had an absolutely shite game. They couldn’t get anything together offensively, no one had a good game, and the passing seemed extremely rushed for some reason the entire game. They just looked panicked for some reason. I could blame it on the trade speculation drama, the formation (a 4-4-2 was a bad call), and players coming off injuries still working on getting back to form; but it was honestly an all around inexcusably awful game for them. All I can say that is positive is that Carra did well, Torres has been showing signs of improvement (including a delicious turn during the second half), and Reina bounced back excellently from his gaff against Arsenal.

    As for City, wow. I absolutely hate them and their spending habits. The average amount of seasons that the starting line-up has played for City is about 1.6. Mind you, I’m including years in which the players were loaned away. That lack of team loyalty and the mercenary-esque nature of their team makes me sick. That’s cannot good for the sport. BUT. I’d be damned if I would admit that I wasn’t impressed by their play in the game yesterday. The entire team did (surprisingly) fantastic together.

    The forwards kept pace, made Liverpool’s back four look amateur at best (although ol’ man Carra had a noteable game) and had many more close opportunities than the 3-0 score shows. I had to leave for a few minutes after the first half (class) and when I came back and saw that it was 3-0, I was more pleasantly surprised than disappointed based open how outclassed Liverpool was in the first half. Johnson was an absolute gem on the wing.

    The midfield did well moving the ball down the channels and had a lot of impressive take aways in the middle. Yaya seemed awfully tired at first in his CAM position, but he kept pace and created a lot of good opportunities for himself and the strikers.

    Most impressive for me was the defense. They swarmed extremely well and kept a great offensive team in an offensive formation to something like four or five shots. They played very, very well as a unit and I’d say they are the most overlooked aspect about City.

    If they keep egos in check, they can challenge for the title. I don’t see that happening though, they have too many talented players that would or have played first team elsewhere that won’t be content being confined to the bench or occasional play for the season. I picture team cohesion to drop through-out the season, public blow-ups, and a key players leaving after this season or during January.

  6. pivs says:

    citeh are divs, in true blue style they will manage to cock it up DESPITE having the biggest resources in world football. Adebayor, Given, SWP, Viera ALL looked unhappy last night. Might get a 4th place finish and a decent cup run. Enjoy it whilst you can you deluded, polyester-clad, mustachioed sister-fanciers.

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