Roberto Mancini Accuses Man City Players Of ‘Only Targeting Their Day Off’

Chris Wright

24th, September 2010

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By Chris Wright

Roberto Mancini picture, rather ironically, on his day off

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has revealed that he is trying to instill a winning mentality at Eastlands after growing tired of certain members of his squad shirking their responsibilities.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mancini said;

“There are players whose only target is their day off and that is a big problem. You must replace them with those whose target is the win against Chelsea, then against Arsenal, then against Manchester United, who will work every day for this. Yes, there is still the day off, but you must never lose your focus even then.

Before, at this club, there were players whose targets were wrong, but that mentality is changing. Those whose targets were wrong are the ones who have left. I tell them there is no day off now.

The top players will play Saturday in the Premier League, Tuesday in the Champions League, Saturday in the Premier League; it is impossible to rest. Yes, there is one day you can use to recover, to have a massage, but your head must always be on the pitch and on your job.

I tell them hard work is not just running on the pitch, but in the head. We must think of opponents, how we play, how we approach that game and we must make it a habit until it is normal.”

Man City’s rag-tag contingent of multi-millionaire mercenaries are actually a collection of work-shy lollygags? Who’d have thought…

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1 Comment

  1. deckard says:

    that can’t apply to tevez. but balotelli, wtf invest in such a hopeless individual.

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