Carlos Tevez: Ungrateful Moaner Or Lonely Human Being?

Ollie Irish

11th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Carlos Tevez, always happiest with his family. Here he poses for a photo with his beloved mother, Diegotina

Carlitos is fed up with life in England as a millionaire professional footballer. Not because he must suffer the incessant whinging of pathetic team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor (it doesn’t help), but because he’s homesick and misses his family.

“I have been playing in England for five years, and I have not spent a single Christmas nor New Year with my family,” Tevez said, tears forming in his eye.

“Let me tell you I am not enjoying the life of a footballer.”

A couple of ways to look at this:

1) Tevez has a life most of us can only dream of and should stop moaning. If he misses Xmas because of his job, so be it. The atstronomical wage he earns is more than enough to make up for such emotional hardship. And what about the long summer holidays!? So man the f**k up, Carlos. (© Daily Mail)

2) Tevez is just a normal bloke and yes, why shouldn’t he miss his family and his homeland? All of us become jaded with our jobs at some time or another, and he’s no different. So how about some compassion, people!? (© Independent)

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