‘What The F**k Is Going On?’ – Man City Fans Turn On Mancini After Another 0-0 Draw

Ollie Irish

14th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Action: Drawing 0-0 at home against struggling Birmingham City (hardly the most positive team in the Premier League), Man City boss Roberto Mancini decides to take off Carlos Tevez and replace him with… Gareth Barry.

Reaction: City fans break into a chant of “What the fuck is going on?”

I’m not a City fan, but even I find Mancini’s roundheaded tactics infuriating sometimes. But when it comes to not losing, you have to concede that Mancini gets results. Nil-nil results.

Mancini tetchily countered accusations of negativity in the post-match press conference, saying:

“…If you want us to entertain I could put on three strikers. Do you think that would help? Or do you think the side would lose balance?

“All supporters think like this, in England and Italy. But if they think that I should put on four strikers and we would score four goals … no, that’s not the way football is. If football was like that, I would put on 10 strikers.”

Of course he has a point – and God knows, football managers are infinitely more qualified to manage football teams than fans – and City did have 21 attempts on goal against Birmingham, but the Italian needs to loosen his tie a bit before he wins the full support of City fans.

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  1. Melon Man says:

    All the reasons not to sack Hughes are present this season with Mancini.

    Draws are not losses, and progress has been made with creating a solid defensive unit out of ostensibly the same personnel.

    Knee-jerk reactions are just plain stupid at this stage of the season, but fans will be fans, and media witchunts will be media witchunts.

    Mancini is building a proper team in stages, this is merely the first of several.

  2. tc says:

    Unfortunately you have to blame the manager for paying the over inflated price for what are by and large above average players.How many of their players would get in the chelsea,man u teams ?Joe Hart apart i don’t think they’re good enough to finish in the top 4.

  3. alan says:

    Loser City fans turningon Mancini are the same twats who danced in the streets with robinho shirts on

  4. mm says:

    wots your point alan, you steaming turd?

  5. James says:

    Football fans are for the most part, idiots. Then again, think how stupid ‘average’ is, and then realise that half the population are thicker than that.

  6. Tony Low says:

    I love all the hate that flows gracefully in this blog, where’s mr angry when you need him?

  7. Melon Man says:

    Well said James, totally agree!

    Throughout this weekend there will be huge swathes of “fans” calling for the respective heads of Ancellotti, Wenger, Hodgson, even Fergie – which just goes to show evolution works in mysterious ways.

  8. ctid says:

    was at the match against Birmingham and at no point was this chanted. “information not accurate”

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