Talking point: Who should Everton buy to replace Joleon “Judas” Lescott?

Ollie Irish

24th, August 2009


We all know that Joleon Lescott, who is set to become the second most expensive defender in history, wants to leave Everton for one reason – a substantial pay rise. And so I understand if some Evertonians call him Judas Lescott.
Looking at the Everton forums, most fans are consoling themself with the fact that £24m is an outrageously inflated fee for a pretty good – but nowhere near great – defender. The problem is, can David Moyes find a Lescott replacement in less than ten days?
Newcastle’s Steven Taylor would be a decent signing – he’s reportedly available for around £10m – while Thomas Vermaelen’s impressive start for Arsenal might make it easier for Moyes to sign Philippe Senderos. With Phil Jagielka still out injured, Everton really need two new centre-backs; right now, Joseph Yobo is the only fit first-team centre-back at the club. That’s more than worrying.
In Moyes’s shoes, I’d go all out for Taylor and Senderos. Who would you go for?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People have mentioned Taylor, Shawcross, Wheater, Gary Cahill – all seem like good ideas. Getting two of them would be even nicer, with all that money. Not Senderos though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    People have mentioned Taylor, Shawcross, Wheater, Gary Cahill – all seem like good ideas. Getting two of them would be even nicer, with all that money. Not Senderos though.

  3. AlanS says:

    If they can get Gary Cahill he seems the obvious choice. Wheater wouldn’t be bad either. Steven Taylor seems a little too error prone I’d have thought.

  4. David Allison says:

    In the time that they have (a matter of days) I think they’ll able to (and should) buy one defender and acquire another on loan. I wonder if Milan would / could afford to let Onyewu a period out on loan until January. He made the bench for Milan’s first Serie A game of the season.
    As regards the purchase, so long as they leave Taylor alone I’ll be a happy man… ;oP

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shawcross or Hangeland for me as a first choice option. Maybe Taylor or Cahill after that. Not too keen on Senderos, Huth or Wheater.

  6. ChrisM says:

    Personally I would like Shawcross and Distin. Distin offers the LB cover should Baines be injured as well. I think prices quoted for Cahill and Taylor are too expensive (although appreciate we got a great deal selling Lescott) still think money from this sale should be used to add depth to midfield

  7. Anonymous says:

    joleon is only going for one thing and we all know what that is!Should have stayed where you were and really had the chance of winning something COYB

  8. Anonymous says:

    Considering the talk of Moyes wanting cover on the left, going in for Distin seems like a sensible move, plus Taylor can play on the right, which would cover for Neville (choosing Neville over Hibbert any day of the week at right back). Saying all this Shawcross would be my preferred option, strong at the back, a threat from set pieces and still has time to develop.

  9. Kipp says:

    Uh, did sergio ramos not cost 27mill and Pepe 30 mill?

  10. nick smith says:

    if your short on defenders then the obviuos thing would be to not sell. everton are as greedy as lescott, he’s still under contract so let him rot on the bench if he refuses to put in 100%…..

  11. David Allison says:

    That’s a bit of a no-brainer. If he is dropped to the reserves or the bench, then a replacement is still needed and you will be paying the wages of a high earner plus the salary of a replacement defender. Everton have wanted to hold on to him, but his effect has been detrimental to the team (as per the 6-1 defeat to Arsenal). In the end, Moyes has been left with no other option but to accept City’s latest offer – so it has been far from greed which has sealed the deal; moreover, it has been Lescott’s lack of discipline.

  12. Ash says:

    Surely letting him rot on the bench surely creates makes the defensive weakness greater and cuts the amount of money available to replace him?
    I’m not a massive fan of ‘player power’ but there really is no point in having a player at a club who doesn’t want to be there.

  13. billythe toffee says:

    I think Dean Windass would compliment our current squad

  14. Anonymous says:

    john terry or nesta

  15. Mikez says:

    Please keep your sticky mits off Michael Turner!

  16. soccer goals says:

    Its all about the money.

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