Carlos Tevez To Consider Suing Roberto Mancini For ‘Defamation Of Character’ – What Character?

Chris Wright

26th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

After a fortnight of ridiculous palaver, Man City announced last night that Carlos Tevez had been found guilty on five separate counts of breaching his contract on that fateful night in Munich and duly fined the Argentinian striker four week’s wages for the dubious crime of ‘refusing to warm up’ against Bayern.

Tevez was then told he had a further two weeks to appeal against the ruling and, if this morning’s papers are to be believed, it appears he fully intends to.

Fair enough, you may argue – indeed, considering City’s quick climb-down from their original accusation (refusing to play altogether) and the several eye-and-ear witnesses on the City bench that seem to have come forth in Tevez’s favour, it looks like he may have fairly stable grounds to contest his punishment.

End of? Not on your nelly.

Several papers and reliable online sources are reporting that Tevez is considering suing Roberto Mancini for ‘defamation of character’ over the debacle in Germany and the subsequent fallout.

The fact that he appears to be under the illusion that he still has a character left to defame would be my initial bone of contention, but a lawsuit? Really? Really? That said, the worrying thing with Tevez, regardless of the outcome of any imminent hypothetical court-case, is that he can’t really lose as things stand.

Regardez vous…

He’s having his character ‘defamed’, but his talent will undoubtedly land him a new club regardless of him being already widely regarded as a troublesome arsehole; He’s barred from first-team activity at Man City, but he doesn’t want to play for them anyway; He’s been fined somewhere approaching £1 million, but it’ll hardly be noticeable once skimmed from the top of his heaving bank account; He’s being gradually exiled from the club, but he doesn’t want to be there anyway, etc, etc.

Which, all-in-all, effectively leaves him free to piss, whine, keep the world abreast of how just hard done by he really is and, crucially, milk his current employers for all he can (by any means) up until he sods off at the nearest available juncture – such is his, or his circle-jerking advisers, wont.

As far as City and Mancini are concerned, the sooner Tevez is someone else’s problem, the better.

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    What is interesting here, is not that he’s contesting his garden leave but he’s accusing Mancini of defamation. I hope at the end of the day, he’s going to be forced to pay Mancini for charges which will accrue as a result of wasting the courts time.

    Complete waste of talent.

  2. Papi says:

    Agreed with Mr. Sparkle.

    Also, the last sentence and paragraph before it are pure gold. Very nice article.

  3. chimpo says:

    he is so unbelievably loathsome

  4. mtm says:

    maybe they just hates each other what do you know f*ucking judges?! you can put you moral highground in your fat a*sses btw! mancini is stupid like a brush – why he keeped him then he more than clearly said “i hate england i hate manchester let me go” only complete dumba*ss after this will keep tevez in the squad and have stupidity to demote him to 4th choice striker and expect he won’t be petulant, you naive english people i’am telling one more time – get facts right – this was bound to happen considering that a petulant player tevez is. it’s only mancinis fault that this was actually allowed to happen – he always dreaming about being like fergie, but he’ll never be, not the same calibre i’am afraid mancini can only manages gays teams not mans

  5. Ron says:

    Damn, I didn’t realize he refused to warm up. What a fucking cunt. No matter how much I hated my coaches growing up, no matter what the sport, I did as they asked. What an arsehole. He’s the boss, do as he says.

    The say thing is that I coach 12 year olds and they pull shit like this. How can I tell them not to when one of the most talented players in the world is pulling it? Knobhead for sure.

    I’m an Americano and this reminds me of Allen Iverson (NBA) dogging it practice. Tevez is the futbol version of AI.

  6. Irish Bastard says:

    You brits are stupid, even more than americans. If it was not because of tevez, man city would be nothing. Just because he said Manchester sucks, then everyone got it against him… well, he is one of the best players in the world, and he is not hypocritical, and he can say whatever he wants. You should be thankful he brought “magic” to the premier league. hahaha, I still remember him running around his argentinian shirt in front of all the brits… he is the boss.

  7. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Yet Manchester City are currently mounting a title challenge when Tevez is not on the squad.

  8. Ali says:

    haha.. Irish Bastard has a point.

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