Snapshot: Edinson Cavani’s Goal Against Man City Caused Seismic Activity In Naples!

Chris Wright

1st, December 2011


By Chris Wright

This has apparently been doing the rounds for a few days now so is therefore ancient in internet years, but better late than never, eh?

What you’re looking at is a seismic read-out of the area around the San Paolo Stadium in Naples for the duration of the Napoli’s 2-1 victory over Man City in the Champions League last week…

Pretty swish, no? Napoli go ahead, little flicker of activity. Man City equalise, nobody cares. Edinson Cavani scored the winner, everybody goes ballistic!

That said, I’ve got no idea what the vertical scale represents here so it’s unclear whether Cavani’s winner prompted a mere ripple or an all-encompassing apocalyptic earthquake. However, seeing as Naples is still mostly above ground, we can probably rule the latter out.

Image: Gianluca Dimarzio