New Liverpool film paints Alex Ferguson as ‘McTaggart’ and Gary Neville as ‘Rat Boy’

Ollie Irish

18th, November 2009


liverpool champions league istanbul 2005

A new movie about Liverpool’s Champions League victory in Istanbul is bound to upset some sensitive Man Utd fans. The film, called ‘Fifteen Minutes That Shook the World’, portrays Sir Alex Ferguson as a scotch-swilling drunk named ‘McTaggart’ (ho ho), while a character who looks suspiciously like Gary Neville sports a shirt with the legend ‘Rat Boy’ on it (again, ho ho) – surely it’s Yossi Benayoun who is Rat Boy?

Jamie Carragher, Stevie Gerrard and Dietmar Hamann all make cameo appearances, which you can see in the video below:

That’s Neil Fitzmaurice (Jeff in ‘Peep Show’, and Ray Von in ‘Phoenix Nights’) playing the role of Rafa Benitez… badly (but on purpose, I suppose).

According to Click Liverpool, Rafa gave the movie a big thumbs-up:

“The usually sombre Benitez showed a new side at the premiere, laughing hysterically as Fitzmaurice exaggerated his mannerisms. Afterwards the Spaniard laughed with fellow guests, and said the film had his complete support.”

As for Carra and Stevie G, a Vinne Jones-like career switch is NOT an option. Woodier than the wooden case in which Woody Wood keeps his wooden leg.

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  1. alex says:

    hah i couldnt pick up a complete understanding, but it seems to be a joke right? not the youtube, thats obviously a joke, but the real movie seems to be a joke too. what kind of premise can be about 15 minutes of someone talking?

  2. Philando Torres says:

    It’s definitely tongue in cheek. Carra and Stevie’s acting is more head in hands like, but still.

  3. C says:

    “Follow the kraut!” :D

    Is it just me, or does Didi sound more scouse then german? Sweet!

  4. Steve says:

    Gary Neville as ‘Rat Boy’?
    I always thought ‘Diseased Insect’ was a far better descriptive name…

  5. cantonaoohah says:

    Hahaha. Man Utd can come up with a video of their own with Yossi Benayoun as Liverpool’s rat boy. They can save on enhancing Yossi’s features to appear more ratlike since Benayoun already looks like a perfect rat-human hybrid template. And get the gay Torres to appear in the vid as well.

  6. BRUCELEE says:

    We hate you Benayoun
    We hate you Benayoun
    And with a rat-face like that,
    you know you cant be a Manc

    to the tunes of Beatles’ She loves you

  7. Shearer says:

    Gary Neville is a rat boy?

    Come on Pool morons. You have a real rat in Benayoun tyourself already. Check out

    WARNING – unless you are a hardened Al-Qaeda terrorist, looking at his face will induce severe vomiting, nausea and might cause your head to explode.

  8. mulder says:

    the usual humourless mancs commenting again……..and thats why their mancs

  9. Angie says:

    haha, i HATE the mancs…they so can’t laugh at themselves!
    Neville is a rat face, Neville is a rat face, nah nah nah nah, TWAT! nah nah nah TWAT!

  10. Stevie says:

    Guys all this irrational hatred has to stop. Yes annoying, ugly and no morals whatsoever, but to say that Rats are as bad as Gary Neville?
    Lets keep a bit of perspective here.

  11. Cassious says:

    BRUCELEE is a fuckin prick, hey you! who wants to be a manc anyway, yous are a bunch of shithouses,at least benayoun is better lookin than gary rat neville, and with that foul facial hair? oh please…..hahahahaha

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