GIF of the Day: Didier Drogba’s voodoo legs

Ollie Irish

20th, November 2009


Everyone thought at the time, “Look at Drogba, faking it again.”

Then they saw the replay of Evans’ flying kick to the chest and thought again.

By the way, yesterday I took Drogba out of my fantasy team, as I read he was out for three weeks with a fractured rib (courtesy of Evans, I assumed). Today I read that he’s back in light training and could yet play against Wolves at the Bridge this weekend. Gadzooks!


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  1. jim shimfe says:

    good to hear drogba is back in training,hope ancellotti will have a wise replacement during the january transfer surpriced that sir alex did not see that as an offence,but would have made all the noise if it was a MAN U player

  2. I am so so disappointed in the FA as they are tight lipped on Evan’s challenge on Drogba. One wonders when they will practice their “fair play” gospel? However, I am pretty sure that old Fergie hasnt gotten the grace of seeing the incident.

    Real-one, Nigeria.

  3. mizman says:

    This is definete foul ,ok but, maybe drogba would get a bit more sympathy if hadnt been guilty of being a serial diver an injury faker in the past, with the intention of cheating and getting opponents disciplined unfairly.

    Best part of this is how evans adds a bit of venom to his kick just before ploughing 6 studs into his ribs hahaha

  4. kaya says:

    he still played the rest of the game… so the whole rib thing sounds bogus to me. should’ve been a red card to Evans, but the “makeup call” for carvalho’s acting was a “f*cking disgrace.” I still can’t stand Chelski (just nudging out Man Yoo for most annoying team) though I begrudgingly still like Drogba.
    Isn’t this gif already outdated, tho?

  5. Squiddy says:

    Drogba did not play the rest of the game. He came back on, wandered around, the goal was scored, the restart happened and a couple of minutes later he came off.

    He’s played with broken ribs before, when he got done by Carragher and Skrtel and won the FA Cup with a goal in the last minute a month later.

  6. Zoltan says:

    Dogsbreath is a shameless diver…he should go to the olympics…he might win a gold medal.
    How come he still played the complete match after being so close to the gates of hell?
    The referee’s yellow card was the kiss of life the bully striker needed!
    I don’t like the Mancs…(they have a weasle called Neville…in their squad) but Dogsbreath takes the biscuit anyday!

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