Singer David Gray becomes a commentator for the day

Ollie Irish

19th, January 2007

David_grayMusician David Gray is to take to the commentary box for Sunday’s match between Arsenal and Manchester United. The 38-year-old will be a summariser on Radio Five Live Sports Extra’s 1920s-style coverage of the match.

Singer David Gray becomes a commentator for the day continued

Grid_1United-fan Gray is helping the BBC celebrates the 80th anniversary of football commentary. John Motson will be the main commentator with James Alexander Gordon using a grid system (pictured) originally used to explain where the ball is on the pitch. Gray warned: "They are going to unleash me on the unwitting British public. If I can tame my natural bent towards expletives I should be fine."

"I have already been briefed about my attire. I have got a huge sheepskin coat – it is beyond those worn by John Motson and I will be wearing that," he added

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