Arsenal and Man Utd to move for Hulk?

Chris Wright

5th, January 2010



Hulk smash, Hulk score

Reports today suggest that two of the Premier League big guns will move for 23-year-old Porto striker Hulk. The Brazilian forward has a rumoured release clause of nearly €100 million but a more realistic sum of £15-20 million would surely tempt Porto to sell.

From what I’ve seen of Hulk he would certainly fit the bill at The Emirates. He kind of reminds me of Julio Baptista but less … erm… crap.  He is a powerful and direct player but his tendency to shoot from outside the six-yard box may put Wenger off, along with the inflated price tag. None the less, with RVP out for the foreseeable future and only Bendtner and Vela waiting in the wings, a move for The Hulk would make sense for Arsenal.

Man Utd still have wodges of the C-Ron moolah left over and I don’t think an outlay of that size would put them off if they really wanted their man. I think he’d be a better foil for Rooney than Berbatov who is, for all intents and purposes, immobile.

What do the Pies faithful reckon? Would you like to see The Hulk-a-nator in the Prem?

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  1. hail invitro goalscorer says:

    Doesn’t seem to be as fit as last season, loses the ball a lot and he get a lot of yellow cards and the ocasional red, almost always for referee bullying.
    FC Porto should be interested in selling him as he’s currently banned due to troublemaking in recent classic against Benfica (it seems he punched a steward, or something, and he’s suspended until investigation concludes). 10/15M seems to much for a player that may lose the rest of the season and hence, World Cup.
    In the meantime, in-vitro goalscorer take a bow.

  2. Slobberknocker says:

    Whenever I’ve watched him play his style seems to scream premiership suitability. United should snap him up. As for Berbatov being immobile, couldnt agree more. If Fergies still got the ‘cohonas’ in the transfer market he should use some of that aforementioned moolah and attain him.

  3. Ollie says:

    The baptista comparison is interesting. As you say, Hulk is much more dynamic than baptista.

  4. Ste-Riker says:

    If as you say Wenger can iron out the issue of him, on occasion, shooting with his laces, he would be a potentially tempting target for arsenal.

  5. phil says:

    Hulk has been a fairly key player at Porto for the past few seasons, but has begun to fail from grace with the staff, looking increasingly disinterested and picking up the ban. I think alot will depend on Portos movements in the transfer market, and whether they can find a balance to the team without him. Should he find himself in a position to move though, perhaps he may be tempted by the bright lights of the premiership.

  6. Piefaithful:) says:

    Agree, agree, agree. Perhaps even Man City? They don’t seem to have an internal limit on number of strikers at the club at any time. Money isnt an issue either. Should rumours gather creedence I wouldnt be suprised at all to see a few managers eyebrows raised. But will they get Hulk or Sulk?

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