Football GIF: Nani’s Naff ‘Stutter’ Penalty vs Galatasaray Hits Keeper Again And Again And Again…

Chris Wright

20th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

The problem with Nani in a nutshell: all frothy flounce and no end result…

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  1. Vatsal says:

    Nice to see van Persie being a c*** as usual.

  2. Beef says:

    Sturridge falls into the same bucket!

  3. Rob says:

    I thought this run up was illegal, I suppose the refs choose to ignore it just like the encroachment of the players at penalties, the goalie holding onto the ball for more than 6 seconds, giving yellow cards for diving, giving yellow cards for players showing imaginary yellows, letting players surround and shout at them, oh and giving penalties against Man Utd.

  4. ceeez says:

    Nani is way more than “frothy flounce”…multiple premier league titles, Champions League title, league cups etc. He has pretty much won every trophy available.

  5. Luke says:

    FIFA made these illegal. Messi had a penalty cancelled out because of it.

    Fucking inconsistent twats. Unless I’m wrong.

  6. travisKOP says:

    @rob truth man. i feel you all the way on that

  7. Irrespective of how hopeless the kick was, it should have been disallowed and taken again coz at least 3 players (2 from Galatasaray on right of screen, 1 from United on left of screen) ran into the box BEFORE Nani actually took the kick!!! … they ran in thinking he was actually going to kick it, but he stopped, and they kept going!! …

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