Unpleasant Footage Emerges Of Injured Steward Being Shoved Backwards Over Hoarding By Chelsea Fans (Video)

Chris Wright

30th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

As you may have heard, one of the stewards at Stamford Bridge had to be taken to hospital after suffering an injury, believed to be a twisted knee, in the aftermath of Javier Hernandez’s winning goal on Sunday – an incident that was first believed to be tied in with the objects visibly being pelted at the Mexican striker as he celebrated in the corner of the pitch.

Not so, as some rather unpleasant footage has since emerged (as broadcast by Sky Sports News yesterday) of the steward being violently shoved backwards over the advertising hoardings as several Chelsea fans swarmed to the front of the Matthew Harding Stand to hurl both abuse and a variety of objects at Hernandez and company…

The area of the stand was temporarily cordoned off during the remainder of the game as the poleaxed steward received pitchside aid from paramedics for nearly 10 minutes before being taken to hospital for futher treatment.

The matter has been deemed sufficiently serious for Chelsea, the FA and the Metropolitan Police to all launch their own separate inquiries into the incident.