The 10 Greatest Premier League Goals of the Decade No.6: Paul Scholes, Man Utd v Boro, 2000

Ollie Irish

19th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


This is the second wonder goal by The Ginger Ninja in this list (he also scored No.9 – see link below), and what a stupendous, gobsmacker of a strike it is (apologies for crap video quality)…

Pick. That. Out.

As several YouTube commenters have pointed out, this must rank as one of the ‘truest’ strikes ever seen. And it’s all the more remarkable because in terms of margin of error, it could have gone so badly wrong – Scholes’ technique and timing is perfect; if he’d have struck the ball a millisecond earlier or later, it would have missed by miles, or, worse, been an embarrassing air shot.

No.10: Dietmar Hamann, 2004

No.9: Paul Scholes, 2006

No.8: Robert Pires, 2002

No.7: Shaun Bartlett, 2001