‘Liberty And Victory’ – Man Utd Stars Rooney, Valencia & Chicharito Appear In Indonesian Rock Band Nidji’s Music Video

Chris Wright

22nd, November 2012


By Chris Wright

Presenting, the official video for ‘Liberty and Victory’ – a truly formulaic, anodine chest-thumper by Indonesian rock supremos ‘Nidji’ (who are probably Manchester United’s official Indonesian soft rock partners), filmed at Old Trafford and guest starring the likes of Wayne Rooney, Antonio Valencia, Chicharito, Shinji Kagawa, David De Gea and United’s kitman for some reason…

Awkwardly terrible/terribly awkward in the best way possible. ‘Take me down to your liberty’? Please, we’ve had more profound flapjacks!

Fair enough, it’s probably Nidji’s second language, but those were some of the worst, most nonsensical lyrics we’ve heard since we were accosted at the bus station at 3am by a man wearing nothing but a binbag and singing about the imminent invasion of earth by aliens made of poisonous blancmange.

(Video: Balls)

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  1. JayJay says:

    Quite catchy actually! Always great to see Footballers in music vids. Kudos C.Wrghty!

  2. Jamie says:

    Man U really will do anything to further their ‘brand’ won’t they?

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with that other guy, this is definitely one of the worst and most embarrassing songs I’ve ever heard. Wayne Rooney should be kept far away from anything to do with the arts, he has nothing to do with culture so why does everyone insist on sticking him in their videos?

    But in the words of Nidji, maybe I should just ride the chaos storm of time and watch the wheel of life.

  4. JayJay says:

    @porcelain sandwich: It’s a game of opinions aye other guy. I personally like to ssee Footballers in fun stuff than anything sinister or falling out of clubs. Probably because I’m footy mad and love everything football, so love it when they move to the ‘arts’as well….

  5. bob says:

    little kid looks like rafael/fabio which ever you prefer

  6. nat says:

    Get used to Asian bands Chris…the point of doing English songs for them is to sound cool, as no one understands them anyway…

  7. Josh says:

    Watch it again counting all the ‘Mister Potato’ products are in frame.

  8. qq says:

    the reason why the lyrics doesn’t make sense is that it was translated from Indonesian by a corporate translator and the band probably only speak popular English and of course the lyrics would make better sense in Indonesian , i think , there’s this other Indonesian band called Slank a few years back they released an album in the US, the songs were originally Indonesian but translated to English, the results , shitty lyrics..

  9. Penting says:

    Hey, Indonesian here.
    1. This song is sponsored by Mister Potato, sponsors of Man Utd. Hence the product placements.
    2. According to the band’s vocalist’s FB page, it was him who wrote the lyrics, in English.
    Why it sounds awkward? Most likely because he was thinking in Indonesian language when he wrote the lyric and then replacing it with English words that -he thought- have the closest meaning to that, as opposed to directly writing English-based lyrics. And I guess no native English speaker around him that bothered to enlighten him :)

  10. dice says:

    i think that little kid was supposed to be rafael. lolzz

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