Gary Neville flips the bird at Carlos Tevez (with photo)

Ollie Irish

20th, January 2010



The chain of events in full:

1. Gary Neville is born, to Neville Neville

2. Gary Neville grows up to be a total dickface

3. Carlos Tevez leaves Man Utd, feeling unwanted, signing for local rivals Man City

4. Gary Neville claims that Tevez is not worth £25m

5. Carlos Tevez scores twice for Man City in League Cup semi final; Tevez gestures at Neville after his first goal, as if to say, “Shut it, dickface, not so mouthy now, are you?”

6. Neville flips the bird, subtly, in Tevez’s general direction

7. Tevez responds by cupping his hand to his ears, sarcastically

8. Tevez is worth £25m

9. The FA have since confirmed that they are looking into the incident

Brilliant – and no less than we’ve come to expect from the utterly charmless Neville brother.

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  1. Ste says:

    classless chuckle nobface

  2. Tinez says:

    Don’t forget that he is classless, too.

  3. Brian says:

    I am dreading his retirement…. we will no doubt have to endure the prat’s gobshite and utterly atrocious demeanor as a soccer pundit! If that happens i will scour the channels for something more interesting when he is spouting. After all, more interesting than blockhead Neville probably starts at the latest episode of ‘Sponge-bob!’

  4. Juancullo says:

    Gary Neville = Hero

  5. sai says:

    gary cock neville is a disgrace as a professional footballer. he even not qualified as a captain, behave like a cock head! stupid and ugly face neville, fuck off! and fuck fergie’s buttock! stupid asshole!

  6. kin yuan says:

    stupid bastard neville! go and fuck fergie’s buttock and lick fergir old dick!

  7. kin yuan says:

    wat a disgrace neville! shame on you and fergie and man utd as well! you make united look shit and dirty! well done rat face neville!

  8. kah hoe says:

    you, rat face neville, well done coz you make yourself, fergie and scum man utd popular! populor in dirty team! show your real cock, why show ur finger! damn pig!

  9. alex fergie says:

    you let my handsome face down stupid neville! i feel ashamed coz you are my player! i will renew your contract. renew, can, lick my old dick and fuck my buttock!

  10. Bruce says:

    I bet he ends up as a pundit on Sky Sports!

  11. beckham says:

    a fren like u, i feel ashamed. i will not let my sons follw you!fuck off!

  12. kah hoe says:

    shame neville, dont let other people says that i know you…..make my name dirty! u make man utd feel so dirt and ashamed! go and fuck glazer’s buttock and kiss glazer now!

  13. khoon weng says:

    can you fuck my buttock? i beg you neville…. i nedd you! ah ah ah ah come on babe! fuck me!!!! ah ah ah ah

  14. Jesus says:

    This was awesome! Loved Tevez’s celebration for the 2nd goal as well.

    As for Gary Neville being censured, its political correctness gone mad! It wasn’t even shown on TV. Its a game of footballs ffs…

  15. mizman says:

    Gary Neville = hero. and u all know it

  16. Henry Donahue says:

    Gary Neville needed some publicity because people began to forget about him. He got a lot of media attention, so he may not be so stupid after all. I bet it will help him to take Alan Hansen’s seat in a few months time

  17. alex says:

    tevez is the disrespectful one. is everyone aware this is only the first leg?

  18. matt says:

    Well all you Man City fans are soo funny, honestly “Gary cock neville” is hilarious, right. And “Neville… at the latest episode of sponge bob”, well i think we can all see how mature you are.

  19. azza says:

    neville = legend so shut the fuck up everyone else

  20. shay says:

    I have read the quote several times and I don’t see where Neville said he did not think he was worth the money. He simply said if the financial demands are too much then that’s the way it goes. he never said he did not like Tevez or did not think he was good. He said the team could not afford him. This crap is getting blown way out of proportion. Let’s just put them in a ring with dresses on and handbags to hit each other with.

  21. Ben says:

    How can you fuck a buttock? The term you’re looking for is “frot”.

  22. Red says:

    Gary Neville is a Red, I would say every single person on this board (by the way they are swearing) would have done exactly the same thing, myself included.

  23. spectator says:

    you mean we’d all think to ourselves ‘gee, despite the fact that there are 3 million cameras around i’ll just go ahead and do this. why not?’ gary neville is a moron and an unremarkable player. unless those remarks are ‘really not that good’ and ‘knob-end’.

  24. paul says:

    i hate gary neville but why is this so bad all the fans do it all the time and shout abuse, an why not show some passion

  25. kah hoe says:

    lets protest cock neville at old trafford! long live our king, TEVEZ! fuck off that cock neville! fuck cock neville!

  26. yuan says:

    lets burn old trafford! burn rooney! burn owen the traitor! burn fergie’s hair and bur neville cock!

  27. says:

    Gary neville has a lovechild yossi benayoun

  28. Farrukh says:

    Our history makes us strong….your HATE makes us STRONGER! MUFC!

  29. […] Gary Neville flips the bird at Carlos Tevez (with photo) […]

  30. Paul Scholes says:

    Due to inbreeding in his family, Neville has no cock at all

  31. kah hoe says:

    to Farrukh, Fuck you lar! stupid idiot moron! go and play gay with cock neville! stupid idiot asshole!

  32. Dave says:

    Tevez is a traitor fuck him

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