Man Utd Fans’ Green-And-Gold Anti-Glazer Protest – Nice Idea But It Won’t Work

Ollie Irish

29th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


No, Norwich City fans have not taken over at Old Trafford. Disgruntled Man Utd fans have adopted their club’s original, Newton Heath colours – green and gold – as a way of protesting against Malcom Glazer’s debt-happy ownership.

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It’s a high-visibility strategy, but let’s be honest, not one that is likely to make much of an impact. Surely if United fans were serious about forcing the current owners out, it would be far better to boycott United’s home games – and the club megastore – until the Glazers are forced to sell up and move on. Of course, organising such a large-scale boycott is easier said than done.

It’s rather a cruel irony that football fans are some of the most passionate and militant people, yet ultimately we have so little power over how our beloved clubs are run.

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  1. K says:

    Clearly it’s raised the profile of the protest, good discussion on FW Extra about this.

  2. Tinez says:

    It’s doing nothing.

  3. Matthew says:

    It’s just the beginning.. An empty Old Trafford and fully stocked Megastore will follow in time if necessary… LUHG

  4. kah hoe says:

    love glazer, hate united! stupid man utd fans, glazer is their saviour why u hate and protest them! ridiculous! fuck off man utd fans!

  5. Ash says:

    @Matthew – Start by wearing different colours, then move on to something which might be vaguely effective? Skip to the proper stuff. why oh why would the guy give a monkey’s fuck about the colours a bunch of chaps in the stadium wear? If he is undaunted by 750 million squidders of debt then it will take something a little more grown up to shift him.
    I should know, I support Southampton.

  6. bernard kelly says:

    The green and gold is a way of uniting the the fans behind the protest. I can assure you talk in the stadium is about a boycott and i bet Glazer is feeling the heat.

  7. Gary says:

    No protest from the fans will force glazer out but im all for the Green and Gold protest.

    Running with it may not force him out but it is a constant reminder to everyone around the world that united fans are not happy.

    A boycott will never happen, for every united fan ready to boycot there will be 50 willing to go to the game, boycotting one game will do nothing, for it to work people who have bought tickets will have to not go in, well thats not a boycot cause you have already givin over your money for the ticket.

    even if it did work, how easy do you think it would be to sell the club?

  8. Andy says:

    Ollie Not a clue, the green and gold is bought away from the club! Most people who wear the scarfs are saying I won’t step in your mega store etc and I am not happy with the way the club is run. This allows everyone to show their anger towards the owner, no matter who you are. MUTV have even been asking why people why so many have been cancelling the channel! One girl from MUTV said she’d had 5 people cancel the service before 9am yesterday! She was asking people why so many were cancelling! Also when you come up with an idea to get them out, tell us. Until then don’t criticise, this is showing support against the owners, its getting bigger everyday, its getting people to think and once the people in China/Japan start asking, what’s the green and gold about? The big boys will start to take notice!

  9. Steve Hamilton says:

    Although I am an Arsenal supporter, I think what is happening at Old Trafford is nothing short of a disaster.

    This proud club with it’s great history is being dragged down by a family of yanks who really couldn’t give a toss about the club one way or the other. Since 2005 the ticket prices at Old Trafford have been increased by over 42%, which although won’t stop the hard core fans going, will cause trouble if prices rise as they have been.

    Glazer once made a bid for both Formica and Harley Davidson…can you imagine the state they would be in by now if he had succeded?.

    Good luck Man Utd fans in getting Glazer out, you will need it!!

  10. Gary Cross says:

    Where can I buy a gtrrn and Gold united shirt

  11. Javed Atcha says:

    Lets get these leeches out of our club.
    I am asking ny friend from UK to get me a yellow and gold strip.
    I shall be wearing it proudly with the statement “love United Hate Glaziers”

  12. Simon says:

    This proud club deserves more respect from its fat yanks, they must move on fast before they cripple United I have my new scrave here and will be wearing it with pride on saturday but does any one know if theres trouble getting into the ground with the green & gold colours?

  13. Debbie says:

    get a life you bunch of City Mo-Fo’s….if you aint supporting the team and club stay away from OT coz we don’t need you and as a season ticket holder in the Stretford End…no not everyone wants the glazers out.Most of us are football fans there for football not the chance to wave an over-priced scarf and hope to get on the telly.People died for this club and its you dis-loyal supporters that are now damaging it… are the gisgrace and our numbers who hate you lot are much greater than you lot of losers….so stay away!!!

  14. Lisa says:

    Debbie – Wow what tirade!

    You’re a huge supporter no doubt but maybe you miss the point …Right now given the impossible situation the Glazers find themselves in, if they go down we go down with them. It’s no longer just about the football they may have well and truly screwed us as a club. People above are not being dis-loyal they’re trying to save it. I continue to amazed that this business deal was ever legal – Hell I could have bought United with that debt!

  15. Joe says:

    Once this protest picks up momentum.. our time will come.. maybe not this month maybe not next but we’ll see and United’s Day will come again…LUHG

  16. Kit says:

    It’s disgusting, Did you know Glazer set up his own consultancy company and then charged United £20 million to use it. The £200 million loan as well is from his pocket, hence the reason he’s put a MASSIVE interest rate on it and hasn’t started paying it back yet. Oh, and he also has a clause in his contract stating he could walk out when ever he wants. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a utd fan and ALL FOR the green and gold protests, but if we fuck this guy off too much then surely we are in more trouble than we already are!?!? I joined in at the city centre riots when glazer was here having a meal, tables were turned and his night was ruined, but to be honest it just seems to have made him more determined to destroy our club. OUR CLUB, with years of history that has been built around a deeply saddening incident (munich), ONE THAT SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED FOR MONEY BECAUSE SOME MONEY GRABBING WHORE IS IN TROUBLE. I would gladly shoot Glazer any day of the week, for free! WOULD BE WORTH EVERY DAMNED DAY IN PRISON. LUHG!!

  17. Kit says:

    oh forgot to say as well, although we’d be in trouble if Glazer left let’s face it someone would buy us. If someone with too much money for sense is willing to buy city, then I can’t see why an excessively rich person wouldn’t want to buy United. let’s face it, even with the amount of debt we have, once it is cleared we are again a massive profit making organisation that performs year in year out. viva MU

  18. Anonymous says:

    fucking scum…..

  19. mike ashley says:

    in three years time Newcastle United will earn more revenue than MU and will push you out of the top four. Financial management over football management for a sustainable future.

  20. kan kan says:

    hahahaha…Newcastle United???? You can dream on mate.

  21. AIDAN says:

    Fitting that a group advocating a takeover by Keith Harris should adopt Orville’s colours….

  22. Anonymous says:

    People are cancelling MUTV cos they can’t take any more of Paddy Crerand’s PISH! And I’m a Man Utd fan.

  23. Matthew says:

    ‘Debbie’, ‘fans’ like you make me sick. You obviously couldn’t give a rat’s fart who owns us…you’re exactly the type of ‘fan’ who would jump on our green and gold bandwagon the moment we stop winning trophies and we can’t compete in the transfer market. Real fans care about the club NOW, and protest even while we’ve been in the last 2 champions league finals and are running for a record breaking 4 titles in a row. And don’t for one minute thank Malcolm Glazer for all that success, thank sir Alex, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Vida, Rio, Ronaldo (even though he’s now gone) and everyone else other than Glazer. Yes, we’ve bought some great players under Glazer….but would you be surprised to know he’s not paid a penny for them? Every last penny has come from selling fringe players and doing long term deals with the selling clubs. Glazer even pocketed every brass cent of the money we got for Ronaldo for his disgusting debts. And at 59, I’ve been in the Stretford End before you were a glint in your mother’s eye….so don’t talk to *me* about loyalty, silly little girl.

  24. bd says:

    love glazer, hate united.

  25. Freefromjews says:

    Put that greedy Hebrew out for good

  26. ademir says:

    yo soy un hincha del utd y me duele mucho por lo que esta pasando glezer es un hijo de puta esta destruyendo a el MANCHESTER UNITED hay que hacer algo por el bien del equipo desde colombia para MANCHESTER muere glazer

  27. ademir says:

    yo soy un hincha del utd y me duele mucho por lo que esta pasando glezer es un hijo de puta esta destruyendo a el MANCHESTER UNITED hay que hacer algo por el bien del equipo desde colombia para MANCHESTER muere glazer chao

  28. RLW says:

    To those who believe they will not succeed, remember:

    Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget;
    For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.

    Good luck to those brave lads (and lassies) who would wrest control from these carpet bagger American capitalists. We may be occupied by them but we are still able to kick.

  29. enzo says:

    get your football back from money-grubbing investors like glazer, abramovich and the saudis!
    its non democratic, non passionate and the end of tradition and sportmanship.

  30. james says:

    if everyone stops going to games then the glazers will see the club aint going to be earning alot of money and they will leave until that happens we will have to live with them

  31. Barry says:

    All you Love Glazer, Hate united. Knob heads fuck off and concentrate on your own shity little unsuccessful club. We’ll never die.

  32. admirer says:

    That first guy in the green an gold is hott!!

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