Cristiano ‘C-Ro’ Ronaldo in US Vogue: by God, he is the new Beckham (only much better)

Ollie Irish

8th, March 2007


Here’s a snap of Cristiano Ronaldo impressing Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy with his ball control/sharp suit. She is laughing at how much gel he has in his hair, and probably saying to him, ‘Do that dive that you always do…’

It’s taken from a shoot in the latest issue of US Vogue, no less. Maybe Cristiano, or C-Ro as I will now name him (you heard it here first) will crack the States before David Beckham even kicks a ball in anger out there. Perhaps C-Ro could be the new Bond villain? [Via Kickette]

Click below to see another pic from the shoot…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    cris I wpuld marry yo righ now!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you

  2. daniela says:

    cris is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna marry him!!!!!!

  3. DaNi says:

    I could f!!ck right now!!!!!!!!!