Classic Moment: Phil Neville Nobbles Cristiano Ronaldo, 2008 (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, June 2013


By Chris Wright

Phil “Chopper Nev” Neville officially called it quits yesterday, retiring from the game after 18 years in the business and, to mark his passing into the golfing hereafter, we thought we’d revisit his career pinnacle – the day, by his own admission, he stopped being “The Manc” at Everton and was instantly accepted as an honourable Evertonian.

It’s October 26, 2008 and Manchester United are 1-0 up and all over Everton at Goodison. Having already left Patrice Evra sprawling in his wake, Neville – with brother Gary watching on from the bench – sees Cristiano Ronaldo about to scamper off up the wing and stops him in his tracks with a well-timed, if ever-so-slightly-over-zealous lunging nobbler.

To use footballing parlance, Neville definitely “left a bit in” – cue hysteria from his former United teammates…

With their captain bringing up the rear with a fine defensive performance against Ronaldo (though it did take a double-team effort to stop the Portuguese winger if memory serves), Everton fought back and eventually squeaked an equaliser with the game finishing 1-1.

More importantly, never again were club captain Chopper Nev’s allegiances brought into question.

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  1. ERG1008 says:

    Love this and you’re right, this was the point he was accepted by the Everton fans.
    Also, I hate Rio Ferdinand.

  2. SL says:

    Yellow card for a perfectly clean tackle. I hate the way the game has been reffed for years. Well at least in the PL, thats not a foul in the lower leagues, the player gets up instead of doing 30 rolls while his team mates act like children.

  3. rioferdinand says:

    First of all, listen you fucking cunt-twat. Rio Ferdinand doesn’t give a shit about all you bitches, mainly loserpool fans, think of him. You can suck his black cock and spit his gunk at your mommas face. FAggot.
    And WAATP is showing their class by ‘celebrating’ the most pathetic moment in a very long career.
    Amusing sure, but only if you hate United and Ronaldo and condone people going into reckless challenges.
    Didn’t Ramsey have his ankle snapped because of as similar challenge?
    YOu’re pathetic.
    Insulting to Neville, insulting to United and insulting to Ronaldo.
    Fuck you

  4. ronaldo says:

    LOL u kidding me dude? wat a crappy chelenge lol nd who cares wat everton fans think. everton suk nd the whole world knows they suck lol nd he was burning coz ronaldo is to good

  5. Ross says:

    Nothing like showing a bit of commitment against your old team mates!

  6. Zam says:

    Honestly, tackle itself wasn’t that bad, barreling through Evra, and the fact it was after the whistle were the real problems there.

  7. TravisKOP says:

    Jesus! looks like a couple twats rolled on into pies today! Isnt it hilarious that the blokes that usually rage also cant spell. (I at least think its funny.)

    Regardless of my affiliation to Liverpool that tackle was clean as a whistle and I would have booked Ronaldo for simulation with that show he put on.

  8. josh12 says:

    ya rio ferdinand obviously doesnt care what us little cunts have to say, so he goes on a 3 paragraph rant about how much better he is than everybody. Makes a lot of sense, i definitely will respect rio ferdinand more now

  9. joshm17 says:

    how do you submit comments because this website never works

  10. KingB3113 says:

    @TravisKOP *isn’t *can’t *it’s

  11. TravisKOP says:

    @KingB3113 I said spell, never said anything about apostrophes or grammar ;) LOOPHOLE!

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