Transfer Toss: Everton Reject £28m Combined Bid From Man Utd For Leighton Baines And Marouane Fellaini

Chris Wright

19th, August 2013


By Chris Wright

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“Oh Marouane my darling, take me with you!”

Everton have confirmed that they have “flatly rejected” a combined bid of £28million for Leighton Baines and Marouane Felliani from Manchester United with David Moyes having now begun his nigh-on inevitable pursuit of his two former Toffees stalwarts.

The offer is believed to be divvied up as follows: £16million for Fellaini, £12million for Baines, which all seems pitifully low to us, but hey ho. Indeed Fellaini’s £23.5million release clause just expired a couple of weeks ago and United had a bid of £12million knocked back shortly before then.

It’s all a bit cheeky. We’re guessing Everton wouldn’t settle for anything less than £40million for the pair, with Fellaini rated at £25million-ish and Baines at £15million or so – give or take a couple of million pounds.

Moyes is definitely going to need to oomph his offer up if he’s going to make Bill Kenwright’s ears prick up.

How would you value the pair?

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  1. Anonymouse says:

    They’ll probably have to add an extra £10m to have Everton tempted. Excellent caption work again, Chris.

  2. Holland 1945 says:

    With add ons we’ve paid about £24m for the pair ourselves. The prices of players has gone up since then — especially PL-established ones, and English internationals. On top of that they’re both twice as good as they were when we signed them.

    It’s a derisory bid, but Moyes knows that. Funnily enough he fell out with City and Mancini for derisory, late in the window bidding. That’s hypocrisy by itself but when he knows the attachment the fans have for him, and how much he does owe to Everton because no one else was taking a punt on him. Well it’s just classless. He can have almost any players he wants with the money they have but instead he comes back to rip the heart and soul out from the place he spent 11 years.

  3. Bungle says:

    F**k off Moyes you gormless Glaswegian c**t – double your bid and then come back, ya penny pinchin’ prick! And F**k off Martinez & the board – Southampton can spend £35m while EFC (in a year of big tv money) spunk their full 7m/8m budget on wigan rubbish! Unbelievable!….. And when Kenright accepts a 41m bid for the pair, you watch Roberto “1 point in the bag, 39 more to go” Martinez spunk it all on signing the rest of the Wigan squad. ZERO ambition from this club! F**king pathetic! No wonder “nothing but the best” was removed from the club badge. Championship here we come…….

  4. Wilson says:

    Throw in a 25m bid for Fellaini, or more but not above 30m. Forget Baines, good he may be but not what we need.

  5. Toz says:

    Why sell at all? I’d reject whatever bid Moyes put in.

  6. Bruno says:

    I’m a United fan and I think we made a big mistake regarding Fellaini. Baines is good but we don’t need him. But Fellaini for £23.5 million would be very nice. And fair too.

    Shame on us.

  7. carl says:

    If fellaini does go it should be for no less than 30m ,personally i’d rather he stayed at everton ,but everton need to stick to their guns regarding his valuation , but what I am more concerned about is who we would replace him with.

    I for one would not relish the signing of mc carthy for 15m from wigan, i’m even more concerned about why everton need to sell before they can buy ,as the club received in circa 60 m from sky ,and maybe the fans should asking why the club have only spent 5-6m in transfers.

    I also feel we could struggle big time if we lose both baines and fellaini ,because losing these two would rip the heart out of the team .

  8. bestie says:

    Fellaini is not a United-calibre player. Baines maybe, but Fellaini would be a waste of money. I hope Moyes doesn’t feel he HAS to buy somebody just for the hell of it

  9. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    At least when Brendan went back to Swansea for Allen he had the good sense to overpay for a middling midfielder.

    Moyes just shows he’s gotten too big for his shoes.

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