Liverpool Apologise After Official Twitter Account Mocks Munich Disaster With ‘Distasteful And Inappropriate’ Quip

Chris Wright

30th, August 2013


By Chris Wright

Liverpool have issued an apology after a Tweet sent from the club’s official Twitter account appeared t0 indulge in a choice bit of #Munichbantz earlier this morning.

After asking their followers to submit a three-song playlist they would like to hear played at Anfield before Sunday’s Premier League game against Manchester United, a fan responded thus…


“Come Fly With Me” obviously being a hilarious reference to the plane gestures a minority of dozy ‘Pool fans use to bait their United counterparts, with the other two songs used as the basis for Munich-goading chants, ““Always look on the runway for ice” and “I like to Munich, Munich”.

It really is all top notch stuff, isn’t it? So witty.

After a raft of complaints poured in about the response from @LFC (who, lest we forget, are directly responsible for representing the club on Twitter) and the reply was swiftly deleted with Liverpool Football Club then releasing the following statement via their club website:

“Liverpool Football Club responded quickly to correct the error of judgment that was made last night on it’s official Twitter account in responding to a distasteful and inappropriate tweet.

“The club took decisive action and the comment was deleted swiftly. We apologise, unreservedly, for any offence that was caused by this mistake.”

United then used their official Twitter feed to say that they “welcomed the apology”.


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  1. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Wonder what would have happened if Utd had mocked Hillsborough. Think we might have heard a little bit more about it.

  2. Red says:

    Enough of the apologising , done enough of that lately !
    We’re is are signings ?????

  3. Dont Worry says:

    I dont get why people think this is funny.

  4. Mr. Chopper says:

    This is the problem with your modern technology as forms of official communication, innit? You get kids staffing it, output doesn’t get checked enough through the press office, then you end up with a mini sh*t storm like this.

    There’s “bantz” and there’s unacceptable behaviour with grounds for dismissal, particularly in regards to something as sensitive as this.

  5. One Man Went to Mow says:

    @ Mr. Chopper

    I really don’t think this should be a ‘mini-shit storm’ this is Liverpool’s Official Account laughing at the Munich disaster, not sum idiot teenage troll. I really doubt that lot would have nothing to say if the shoe had been on the other foot!

  6. United fans says:

    In reply to the first comment… It wouldn’t happen. United doesn’t mock people who have died.

  7. Moxey says:

    @United fans. No, they’ve never chanted “always the victim” about the 96. No mocking there at all. The fact is, both teams have a very small portion of so-called fans who mock the tragedies of others.

  8. superman says:

    this is just bullshit. as a liverpool fan who doesn’t constantly think about shit like that, i would not have noticed that those idiots were mocking munich. i would have NEVER thought that on my own without someone pointing it out to me. calling it out just makes it worse. idiot liverpool fans shouldn’t mock munich, idiot united fans shouldn’t mock hillsborough. be decent fucking humans please!

  9. Moxey is a twat says:

    Moxey, Always the Victim has NEVER been about Hillsborough, so go back to the pity city and cry yourself to sleep.

  10. Hi-zel says:

    Typical Liverpool fan – yeah clearly the twitter account owner is ‘the victim’ of some teenager misusing modern technology. Let’s release a song in support of this poor twitter user, maybe we could name a day after the poor chap and have the whole country unit in support of him?!

  11. TravisKOP says:

    both groups of fans need to cut this shit out sharpish.

    @one man went to mow: Chopper is right almost all of the social media is run by tech kids in their mid twenties.

  12. Moxey says:

    @moxey is a twat. Wow, internet tough guy calling me names from the safety of an internet connection. So United fans have never mocked Bill Shankly (“who’s that lying on the carpet”) and they never made reference to a man whose conviction was overturned and pardoned? Both sets of “fans” have been guilty of these types of things.
    And why would I go back to a “pity city”? Who said I’m from Liverpool? I’ll go back to Manchester because that’s where I’m from. So in your words, Manchester is a pity city.

  13. Jarren says:

    I agree with Mr. Chopper, this sounds like the work of some tech-savvy fan that Liverpool hired to manage their Twitter account.

    Whether or not he/she was a kid is not clear.

    Idiocy is not confined to youth.

  14. Mr. Chopper says:

    Yeah, my flippant use of “kid” is more meant to refer to the inexperience/lack of life-learning of a lot of people who get tasked with doing the social media for companies. In my experience, they’re barely even vetted – which makes every Tweet not getting checked by the press office even more slapdash.

  15. Tom says:

    Just imagine the shit storm which would rain down on MUFC had they made a quip about hillsborough.

    Correct response from both sides IMO.

  16. Joe says:

    Twitter is the 21st Century’s bog-door graffiti. How many times have you complained to the pub landlord because there’s a crude drawing of a cock on the toilet walls?
    That anything scrawled on there is then re-reported as news by lazy journo’s is the real travisty. Then again, there are that many people working in media these days, they can’t all be up to the job of actual reporting. Shit, half this stuff is only in there because it sounds sexy in headline, and they’re really not bothered about the validity of the content because they’ve already got their advertising shill the moment you clicked.

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