Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard Calls Robin Van Persie A ‘F**king Pr*ck’ (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, September 2013


By Chris Wright

You barely need be an intermediate-level lip reader to decipher exactly what Liverpool’s captain fantastic, Steeeeevie Gerraaaaaard called Manchester United striker Robin van Persie during this little altercation just before half-time during yesterday afternoon’s largely dismal derby at Anfield…

If you ask us, that is the behaviour of a “dosser” and a “dwad”.

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  1. dena says:

    Van persie was behaving like a fucking prick, its good gerrard made him aware of it

  2. Mr. Chopper says:

    I particularly liked the refrain of “Wanker. Jog On.”


  3. joe says:

    Van Persie IS a fucking prick. Well observed by Mr. Gerrard.

  4. Zam says:

    This is like a black hole of eternal darkness calling the kettle “somewhat black, kinda”.

  5. Mr.Angry says:


  6. Fred Tissue says:

    Gerrard’s a fuckin coward, bet he wouldn’t dare say that to him off the pitch, he’d get sparked out instantly.

  7. Kin Ju Bing says:

    Gerrard is a useless cunt.

  8. rudo says:

    VAN PERSIE IS A FUCKING PRICK! he thnk he will b a legend aat man u?fuck u persie

  9. Dan H says:

    Fred Tissue, you’re obviously a glory supporting cunt who probably doesn’t even know anything about “your” team’s players.

    Kin Ju Bing, Gerrard is one of the most established and well respected premier league players of all time, he’s won awards you could only dream of. Also, you aren’t even English you Kamikaze fucknut.

  10. Straight Dave says:

    “dosser and a dwad”

    Loving the Partridge reference.. surprised nobody else picked up on it.

  11. jman says:

    Steven gerrard would break rvps face, we’re talking a pussy ass dutchman against a trained boxer in the englishman

  12. Jamie Carragher says:

    Well, you know, it’s a great move by Stevie. Excellent use of the F-Word there to really put van Persie in his place. He accurately finishes off with some choice language to really let Robin know his place.

  13. Gary Neville says:

    Piss off Carragher you bearly coherent, thick scouse twat.

  14. The Grammar Police says:

    Haha, “bearly”.

  15. Jamie Redknapp says:

    can’t we all just get along?

  16. Ferd says:

    He is already a legend at United u idiot!…by far,he is a medal away from that Brave Gerrard. oh my~

  17. #GGMU says:

    All liverpoop fans are fucking jealous of united.. You grotty little wankers can’t win a trophy even if you forced it in their hands… And for our England captain to react like that just makes it that much more sad!! Some people need to grow up they are senior players :(

    Ps the log at the beginning of the season means nothing, its at the end when it matter… #GGMU

  18. Leon says:

    love how this is turned into Man U vs LFC. Anyone who watched the game will tell you that Van Persie was frustrated because he barely touched the ball in the first half, and started to act like a little bitch. Hence, Gerrard’s reaction.

  19. Jarren says:

    As a die hard United fan whose wife happens to be a die hard Liverpool fan (yes, THAT’S love for you), may I just say that both Gerrard & van Persie are fine upstanding gentlemen.

    *wife leaves the room


  20. jon says:

    Funny but don’t understand what the partridge reference has to do with it

  21. Neil says:

    Gerrard would knockout Van Persie in a heartbeat, he has excellent boxing skills and he is a very strong lad.

    All of this nonsense suggesting that Van Persie would do him in just ridiculous, Van Persie act tough doesn’t mean he is.

  22. seanie40 says:

    Van Persie comes from Rotterdam….I am sure he can look after himself.

  23. Ashdogg says:

    RVP is a cunt!

  24. lfcfan says:

    All you little fucking Manchester fans fuck off. Gerrard is one of the greatest premier league players ever. He may of notwon a prem league medal but at least he didnt need to switch teams to get one.
    Ergo all you little united fans who think you know anything about football, please go and die in the lower-half of the table you stupid moyes dick sucking pricks

  25. Anonymous says:

    25 years call yourself a top club my arse

  26. Fergie says:

    Ha ha Gerrard you ugly scouse cunt. Come on Chelsea.
    20 times you thieving scouse rats

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