Football GIF: Ashley Young Fills The Gap Left By Gareth Bale, Dives (Yet Again) Against Crystal Palace

Alan Duffy

15th, September 2013


By Alan Duffy

Fair play to Man Utd boss David Moyes, who said that Ashley Young deserved a booking after this horrendous dive at Old Trafford on Saturday. Young is a serial diving offender but hopefully Moyes can knock some sense into the winger. At least Young is filling the gap left by Gareth Bale and, indeed, Luis Suarez.

Young was booked for this dive but went on to (arguably) go down easily to earn his side both a penalty and a red-card for Palace’s Kagisho Dikgacoi.


GIF: FeintZebra

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  1. s says:

    Meanwhile, Bale scored his first goal for Madrid. 2-2

  2. with the left and the right says:

    speaking of dives. Could you post/comment on the Joel Campbell vs US incident. I would love to hear an old fashioned rant from Chris about.

  3. carl says:

    Impossible! Only foreign players dive. Coming over here, ruining our game.

  4. Dont Worry says:

    I do wish he wouldnt do it but united dont seem to be to bad overall,the penalty was a penalty, watch it in real time you see the pace he is going and the balance he has id say it was fair. Atleast he was booked.

  5. Timbob says:

    an ashley young dive has gotta be one of the easiest spots for a referee, they all look the same!

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  7. Zedie says:

    The contact for their pen happened outside the area. Young Supermaning into the box doesnt make it a penalty.

    And to think people were worrying about Man Us lack of creativity. They can just dive into the box every game, get a pen and a man sent off and labour to a 2-0 victory all the way to the title. Again.

  8. Jay says:

    Im sorry you guys need to lay off. Am I the only one that sees full contact as Young tries to avoid a lingering challenge? Besides the Ref had the best view possible and the speed and momentum with which he is travelling it is perfectly justified for him to fall like that.

    That’s going down in my books as Not A Dive.

  9. js94 says:

    @Jay Young sticks his leg towards the Palace player, It’s the most blatant thing I’ve ever seen. Any i’m confident your a Man Utd fan

  10. chris says:

    I hate this ‘there was contact bollocks’. That means if i get nudged in the arm in the middle of the pitch i can justifiably fall over and get a free kick. You cant just fall over. it a complex arguement. if you’re being impeded fairs fair but the ‘dive’ to win a penalty was in no way an infringement of goalscoring opportunity.. he was at worst fairly challenged. If Dikgacoi did’nt do anything the pundits would have said “What was the midfielder thinking letting him go unchallenged like that!!” Yes – I’m a disgruntled Palace Fan

  11. Patrick says:

    Yea, can you post a video of it? From the gif, it looks like a foul. When you’re running that fast, you don’t need to be clipped much at all to go a-tumbling… As much as I hate diving, the CP defender sticks his leg in after the ball’s gone…

  12. TravisKOP says:

    @chris: well said mate

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