Sir Alex Ferguson Grilled In Fantastic Full-Length Interview With Channel 4 News Anchor Jon Snow (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Good interview this in which both parties hold their ground amicably as Jon Snow prods Fergie with questions no-one has dared to ask him directly before, though it bottoms out a bit when Snow brands Fergie’s all-encompassing, obsessive reign at Old Trafford as being “Stalinist” – which we can’t help but feel is a tad over-zealous…

(Video: Channel 4 News)

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  1. luffy says:

    Disco’s!!! Who goes to a disco these days?

  2. fred says:

    bitter old drunk

  3. Hootie says:

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    Awful research from Jon Snow, completely made up the ‘rampant capitalists’ quote, pathetic.

    Could have actually asked some probing questions such as the whole Magnier and McManus issue which Ferguson supposedly pretty much ignored in the book yet was one of the biggest catalysts in United’s history.

  5. YanktheTank says:

    What is this Jon guy’s deal? Did fergie steal his girlfriend back in the day or somethin?

  6. Al says:

    It was actually excellent from Snow, his problem being that Fergusson used to have the power to ban journalists on a whim, often for reporting the truth, but now that power is gone, and in any case Snow wouldn’t have cared as he’s not a football reporter that relied on United access to earn a living so couldn’t actually have been bullied by Fergusson.
    I think there may be a settlement agreement that prevents any parties from discussing the Rock of Gibralter incident with Magnier hence the lack of detail in the book and questioning.
    Fergusson shown up for what he was, a bully who constantly distorted the truth for his own end (albeit a very succesful one)

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